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    Ever wondered why Market Samurai has an ability to export data in its keyword research module? To build formulas to quickly as easily identify your data amongst its various fields. This method is somewhat to similar to Micro Niche Finder from my understanding , but will pinpoint data quickly once your analysis is complete.The benefit of Market Samurai is that you can you use the fields next to this data to decide whether of not this is a keyword you would like to build around. I searched for many forumulas to solve such this task but Ive found 0 on the internet to date so I put in the time to give you what your about to see. If you dont have Excel, go out and download Calc for free.

    For my own keyword research, I like traffic (SEOT), competition (SEOC), and adwords value (SEOV). Ive used every field within market samurai and found that all of my research leads me back to using this simple, yet very powerful formula.

    = SEOT / SEOC * SEOV

    = actual traffic for #1 page in google / competing pages to rank against * adwords value

    Sort this data from largest to smallest you will have the best term to build your pages against

    Traffic divided by competition alone will give you the information you need to know. By searching the traffic your site will likely get if it is the number one position divided by the total amount of traffic and competition pages you are up against will give you a strange looking number. By multiplying in SEOV you can see the value other people are paying for the keyword. If your data looks good after you divide and amazing after your multiply youve got a winner.

    Personally I use Market Samurai alot and just use

    = SEOT / SEOC

    and then decide for myself if the term is new enough and other people have not caught onto monetizing this keyword (highly possible for new products).

    The average results for the SEOT/ SEOC formula that Ive found is .04 which is pretty good in my opinion. The very best that Ive seen is .25 which is amazing considering the traffic numbers for the given keyword

    Hopefully this helps you in your travels
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