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  1. ad2007

    Invested $350, Returned = $935!

    In this case study, I'm going to show how I invested $350 to promote a VPN CPA offer through an ad network, ultimately generating $935 in revenue. Summary Offer Type: VPN Traffic Source: adsterra GEO: US Spent: -$350.37 Revenue: +$935.34 Profit: +$585.47 Choosing Traffic Source...
  2. ad2007

    +$1,138 in 8 Days with a Hot Crypto Offer! - (Details Included)

    Promoting trending offers is always worthy and crypto is a trending topic for sure. My result for promoting a crypto offer for +20 days and its stats for the past 8 days: Result for the first week Result for the third week Fine out more below. Summary Start Date: Apr 15 End Date...
  3. ad2007

    Turning $69 to $439.00 in 72 Hours!

    Here’s the result I’ve got from my “whitelist” campaign a few days ago: See how I’ve done it below. Summary Start Date: May 1 End Date: May 3 Offer Type: Finance Traffic Source: Mobidea GEO: India Spent: -$69 Revenue: +$439 Profit: +$370 ROI: +536.23% Let’s discuss a little about...
  4. ad2007

    Making +$2,246 in 21 Days (+ Insights Included)

    Got the following result with one of my CPA campaigns last month and wanted to share some insights with you here: Day 1 Day 21 Campaign Summary Start Date: April 2 End Date: April 25 (still running) Offer Type: SOI Mainstream Traffic Source: Adsterra GEO: Italy Spent: -$508.32...
  5. ad2007

    Making +$1,953 in Five Days! (A Detailed Guide)

    I always personally believe that CPA is one of those few fields in IM that can turn this: into this: If… you use it the right way! ; ) Let’s see how I’ve achieved the above result with my CPA campaigns recently. Here’re the steps that I’m following not only for this campaign but for all...
  6. ad2007

    How I Made +$2,100 with CPA Offers Last Month!

    CPA marketing and drive traffic to CPA offers is one of the simplest ways to start making money online but the question that many media buyers and affiliates ask is: How can I find a CPA offer that delivers results? It's a question that piques the interest of every affiliate, seeking the key to...
  7. Tenebra23

    [INTERSTELLAR CPA] Get Your Own & Cheap HIGH Converting CPA Landing Page (Generators/Fake Hacks)

    AVAILABLE NICHES/LP: 8 Ball Pool coins generator Clash royale gems generator [HOT-NEW game announced] Download Hytale (multiple platforms) RP generator (League of Legends) Premium Minecraft account generator Mobile legends diamonds generator Pokemon GO resources generator Disclaimer. Hope...
  8. HelloBTCMINER

    [METHOD] Now this is how "BlackHatters" make $XXX,XXX/month with CPA....

    Hello guys, i'm browsing internet and just now i seen a good example of "hacking", "cloaking" and "making money". Opportunity for us - Contact these websites and offer them your services, easy huh? Why THIS thread ? - All the websites i found on google SERPs, No one have HTTPS/Not forcing to...
  9. pulok

    How to create a movie download site like this?

    hey guys, i am thinking of starting a new movie streaming website and i came across to this site. https://eflix[dot]stream/5095030. I am looking for this type of theme and i also want to add this kind of cpa content locker.Like when the person will click on the play button the pop up will show...
  10. Bane Bentley

    Extremely Easy CPA Monetization Method - Create Windows Apps - Earn $2-$10 per Install

    -------------------------------- Delivery is by email and activation is instant after purchasing. Download Applocker For Only $67 Thanks guys! Bane
  11. GuyWithWings

    How I Made A Quick $300 On Facebook And You Can Too

    First of all Thankyou @BassTrackerBoats , few days ago i was reading his thread how he made 189.00 in a day using facebook .I was interested because $189 is $189 no matter how you look at it, it’s money in the bank. I thought of trying CPA nutra offers with group and page posting method and...
  12. N

    Any site which pays per click ?

    Hello everyone, I'm a new comer in Internet Marketing. I tried to sell various products of clicksure but haven't got any sell so far. I recently got to know about some dating sites those are pay per click and per sign up. So, I want to know details about it. Please experts help me out on this...
  13. smallwebkings

    Many CPA accounts for JV spilit

    Hello Everyone, Sorry the old thread is closed and all old accounts is taken by JV partners but I got few more good accounts again and they are: affiliaxe clickdealer Mundomedia (3 accounts but only for High volume work) Diablomedia Affiliatenetwork A4D Etc Etc :D And I can...
  14. brainmeeks

    Im Taking My TALENTS to...OFFLINE!

    A friend of mine owns 3 gifts/electronic stores and is willing to work with me on some online stuff. This will be my first time doing something offline so i wanted some feedback on the idea. Its pretty simple. First thing i wanted to try was to Hand out flyers for a cpa offer at his store. A...
  15. S

    CPA networks with no phone verification!

    All these networks do not need a phone activation :cool: ClickXchange DarkBlue Essociate Share Sale Blue Phoenix Network Linkshare Commission Junction ClickBooth CapitAll Network CoProsper Affiliateer Peerfly Blam Ads EWA Network Papperjam Adscend Media ******* RAR Media Group Adwork Media...
  16. B

    Have only $20 for invest.What should I do??

    Hey guys. I have started some months ago being member oh BHW and have learned many things. The problem is that I am overwhelmed with so muck information and don't know how to begin only with $20..This amount of money I getted from fiverr where I created an gig like "I will write 3 unique and...
  17. Jcsarokin

    $$ -- Creative Way to Capitalize on Unemployement -- $$

    I thought up this idea last night, it is untested but it should work as it plays on peoples needs and satisfying them. ( i don't think this has been shared before ) Step 1: buy a domain, preferably a .org, with the word career(s) in it. Ex: ,
  18. E

    Making money with godcpa

    hi guys, i am not new to internet marketing but am new to bh world. I have viewed many threads and got most of my questions anserwed but had a few? 1.godcpa, what is the price for it? does it actually fill in the offers on auto or just mask them? 2. ac articles, whats possible with this hourly...
  19. T

    Incentivized Money Making Contests Idea

    Here it is guys, looking to build some rep with this, sorry if it's been mentioned before. So I read earlier today in the forum a post about making money with CPA's using offline methods. I went over to copeac to look at the different offers I might choose. Being a little new to copeac I...
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