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Nov 9, 2008
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Here it is guys, looking to build some rep with this, sorry if it's been mentioned before.

So I read earlier today in the forum a post about making money with CPA's using offline methods.

I went over to copeac to look at the different offers I might choose. Being a little new to copeac I saw a whole bunch of campaigns that say 'incenticizable'.

Now this isn't exactly blackhat, because I believe in following rules as long as it benefits me anyways.

I came up with this idea.

1 Page landing site (perhaps have a random version of the landing page to test and see which ones convert better, or you could build one for different advertising methods and/or tracking)

The landing page will say WIN a FREE Wii, Xbox360, or PS3!
There will be about 5-10 offers on the page (incentizable offers only), for each offer submitted the person receives x number of raffle tickets (you could have this be equal to the dollar amount of the affiliate offer).

The person enters their name/email address.

Once I get to $2000 in commissions I will give away a game system. I will post the winners on the landing page.

Each time I get to $2000 I will post another winner.

Each time I post a new winner I will send a bulk-personalized email saying:
Announcing the next winner of the Wii, PS3, Xbox360!

In the email I will list the name of the person (xxx'ing out some of their personal info for privacy sake..)

Then I will mention something like: Not the winner? You can still get a free Wii, Xbox, or PS3... Click Here for details. <insert link to a free-gamesystem, incentivized website that pays $1-$5 per lead.).

Some of the incentivizable campaigns on copeac include netflixx for like $22 per free trial.

It would only take about 100 entrants to win a game system. I'm not sure the best way to track the users who enter - if anyone here knows please mention it in the thread.

You could also add an referral program where they get 5 tickets for every person they refer who enters the contest. You could also give 5 free tickets just for entering their email address - after all leads can turn into money down the line.

You can also give bonus tickets to people who write blog posts, squidoo lenses, digg the contest, or stumble it, etc...

Think outside the box, there are many ways to go with this - and you could also advertise offline and see how that works for you.

This could easily be scaled up, as far as I see. The key is just taking action, and following through on your promises.

Another thing would be to get some b-list bloggers interested in your contest, and actually make one of them a winner - they will give you some link love, and you can make it sound legit. I say b-list because a-listers are less likely to care, but find a blogger who has like 200-600 rss subscribers and some moderate traffic and presto.

They might even raffle the prize off to their readers and mention your program.

There are many many things you could do - and if you think of any other great ideas, go ahead and let me know. I definitely appreciate comments, feedback, etc... also if you like this post be sure to give a thanks - being new I can use em'!
it's not the ideas, we all have good ideas, it's the problem of bringing the targeted traffic.
I think people would more than likely like an ifw better than a raffle unless you found a target market that was into netflicks already and you could incent this for them or if you used extensive offline marketing perfhaps or maybe the charity approach with splitting the offer 50/50 with a children's hospital or the aspca I recommend split test between the sick kids and the sick animals my guess is that the furry ones will win...
Hmm for this type of idea to start up, I would probably suggest offline marketing at the start to try and start up the hype for your target demographic (I've always found it easy to build up hype for any event at uni's nearby. Just lure them with the hope of anything for free).

^^ I like the sick kids approach Don :)
I had an idea like this, problem is many would look down on it. What's the odds of winning out of 100 people is what they'd probably say to themselves. Tweak it a little bit, lay out a good marketing plan and it MAY just work.
ive had this idea too. As for tracking the entries, have one email box that they enter their email into that is your list of people that have entered, and then redirect them to the cpa offer. Also make the redirect install a cookie so they cant enter it again, and maybe get a script that bans their ip from the offer page so they cant enter it again with another email?

That would stop most people trying to scam you.
Be careful with using the term "raffle", since many activities wherein something that has monetary value can be won may also fall under your local government's laws and regulations.
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