1. earn20

    Required brighdata (luminati) Account

    Hello bhw members, We are need of 1 brightdata proxy network acount. Anyone who are not active or not using anymore brightdata (luminati) account can sell them to us. Requirement- Account must be fully verfied account & KYC Passed video call schedule as well. Payment via bitcoin or paypal.
  2. M

    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati)

    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati) and the fun part is that it was because of the fact that "I buy facebook profiles" lol I was very transparent to them and I said I buy profiles to advertise on facebook(I was activating the residential proxies), and that was simply the reason the rep banned...
  3. G

    Brightdata static proxy leak -> VPS?

    Hi, I'm started using an exclusive static proxy from Brightdata few days ago and realized that I can't visit some niche websites, so I checked what information is leaked. On different IP checking sites different infos are leaked. The geolocation is completely different (south africa), it is...
  4. A

    Looking for proxy service with sticky session like and websocket support

    I am working on a project which requires decent reliable proxies, that can hold the same IP for at least one hour and only change the IP manually. I started with It offered the possibility to target by country and change the IP whenever I needed. Also it allows to have any number...
  5. imonboss

    Multilogin/adspower + luminati residential ip

    I need someone who can help me to successfully assign luminati residential ip to multilogin or adspower. You need to teach me how to do that via anydesk or team viewer. I will gladly pay 20 bucks to whoever can help me out. Thanks, imonboss
  6. bazal lucifer

    need luminati verified account

    i need lumimati document verified account for ordering residential ips i cant verify docs and all so want to buy or if anyone can provide real residential mobile proxies in affordable prices, please message me
  7. J

    Multiple FB Profiles, 1 Computer - Rotating Residential Proxy vs 4G??

    Hi everyone! I want to use multiple FB profiles on 1 computer, and along with multilogin, I am deciding between either using a private rotating residential proxy, and the 4G from my phone. I actually would love to use a static private residential proxy, but sadly I can't find a provider that...
  8. Adaman9

    Luminati business ethics lol

    Came across this article about oxylabs / luminati lawsuit, about some tech patent infringement that Oxylabs alegedly did. It wouldn't be too bad of a look for luminati if that was the only thing but it appears that Luminati also did some shady scare tactics against their competitors clients as...
  9. Adaman9

    B2B scraping tools

    Hello! Actually looking for paid scraping tool that could be used in B2B. Best would be if it could run several users at the same time. Have checked several tools on the market, and Real-Time Crawler by Oxylabs seems like the one that is easiest to use and has most abilities in general...
  10. C

    how to use luminati in full?

    hello i have my boss luminati, she pays $500 monthly, but we only consume about $100 or less monthly for scraping. now my question is how do i use the remaining so it will not be wasted. thanks for the answers.
  11. M

    luminati proxie help?

    i was referred to proxies for isntagram, it is completly foreign to me, my account manager wont be back till sunday. Can anyone walk me through the luminati wesbite to order proxies to then be able to use on followliker?
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