how to use luminati in full?


Registered Member
Nov 16, 2017
hello i have my boss luminati, she pays $500 monthly, but we only consume about $100 or less monthly for scraping. now my question is how do i use the remaining so it will not be wasted. thanks for the answers.
You're out of luck, that's just how it is. Luminati isn't really the best run company. Lol. You could try to share the account with someone as mentioned above, but it's likely that you'd get suspended for that. Their pricing model is just hot garbage and turns a lot of people off. They managed to find a way to exclude the budget customers by making the minimum purchase too high for most, and they even managed to make it worthless for bigger power buyers as well by giving you such a low amount of bandwidth for the cost. Truth be told, it's not easy to find a way to be that bad so I guess a lil credit is due. Lolol.
Come up with your own scraping solution and use the other $400. That's good money monthly, be creative.
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