Looking for proxy service with sticky session like luminati.io and websocket support

Dec 18, 2020
I am working on a project which requires decent reliable proxies, that can hold the same IP for at least one hour and only change the IP manually.

I started with luminati.io. It offered the possibility to target by country and change the IP whenever I needed. Also it allows to have any number of connections,
each having its own session. Neat!

It was just perfect for my use case but they block any port besides 80 and 443 and I needed a few extra ports to connect to some websocket servers.
I made a request to their compliance team for opening the ports, explaining my use case by every little detail and they decided not only to deny
my request but also deleted my account for no reason.

As of pricing, it would be ideal to charge by data usage instead of threads, I need thousands of threads, but each thread uses only 4MB per hour.
I don't really care for residential, but will pay the extra price if it comes with the features I need.

For anyone interested in my project, I connect to the websocket servers of various video chat platforms to gather messages, token donations, and ensure
models don't give out personal information to strangers.
For my use case, they charge 30x more. I read the docs for at least 40 providers by now and none of them can fit this requirements.

That's the problem really. The cheaper providers really just want easy money - after all they kinda running on lower profit margins.

IMHO the only thing you can do is suck up the 30x cost if it's possible. Or some up with your own custom solution.

Sorry bro, I've been in situations similar to this many times over the years.
IMHO the only thing you can do is suck up the 30x cost if it's possible

For that price, my solution is not viable anymore, as it is more costly than profitable.

Or some up with your own custom solution.

I would, but I can't find enough info about providers that allow you to use multiple ip's for the same VM and refresh them daily. I don't think it is viable also if you don't do it on a larger scale.
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