1. Y

    [WTB] Bot That clear captchas and enter text

    I want to buy a bot that can 1. Open a website 2. Type Text in a particular area 3. Clear Google captcha 4. Delete history of browser ( inbuilt or external browser) REPEAT CryptoCurrency Only!!!
  2. kommaihag

    Instagram Email verification

    I created an IG account months ago on an open wifi at a station from a android, today I bought a proxy (from another country) and put it on Jarvee, but immediately got email verification. I cant log in to my email account to verify, since i try to log in from my home IP. Is it normal that...
  3. kiks

    Instagram Bug, Help me guys

    Hello guys, I hope you're doing well. :) I really need help from someone that is experienced with instagram, basically my issue is: I tried connecting to my personal instagram account from my usual mobile device and it gave me a pop up "my city,my country" , It was you? , if it wasn't you then...
  4. W

    JARVEE - Tried 7 different proxy suppliers and go all accounts flagged

    I used FL for more than 2 years until all my Instagram accounts got flagged... so I did the migration to Jarvee and it worked wonderfully for 30 days... after that had about 60 accounts flagged, for Follow and Like only.. Jarvee support keep saying they can't inform which proxy supplier works...
  5. pr0j3ctx

    Instagram Verification Loop [FIX]

    If Instagram makes it a hard time to login to and/or verify accounts with a redirect back to the login page, this happens due to a recent update that made verify procedures tried from a browser, not always possible. Also, even some IG app versions continue to have this glitch, so keep reading...
  6. adventurouslover

    How to get out of the challenge verification loop on Instagram?

    Hi Guys I noticed IG is now creating a challenge verification loop and I have not found a way out of it. For instance, while using Followliker the account is asked to get a 6 digit verification code at the moment of log in. In the past, I would just enter the code and the account was good to...
  7. B

    iMacros - Loop - Help with Javascript

    Can someone help me with this. I have csv file which will have 3 columns ideally. Column 1 - Website link to load, Column 2 - number of times consequent page scroll or Next button to be clicked for that particular page alone and Column 3 is going to number of Products for which Hyperlinks...
  8. N

    My Last Journey (Help Me)

    Hey kids n fellow black hatters, I'm not here to make a sob story or some other bull, just a ramble, in a daze, slowly accepting that I am a very slow human being. Over the years I've been browsing through countless forums, looking for a method here and there, seeking somewhat of a quick buck...
  9. Driezzie

    Does Adsense like video looping ?

    Hi, First Question I was wondering if I embed my Youtube videos on my blog but I adjust the code or I use a plugin so the Youtube video loops over and over again, will it be penalized by Google eventually ? Tried it with some videos and when it is monetized and you loop it endlessly the...
  10. B

    Curl post comments in blogs problem

    I made a script with curl that loops a txt file with a list of wordpress blogs with autoapprove comments, because the url for post comments may change i read first the source code and take the action attribute from the form of comments and the id of the post from the head tag, but the problem is...
  11. I

    iMacros LOOP Problem - multiple CSV records with multiple URLs

    Hi Folks, I am trying to use a single CSV file with multiple records and loop them in different URLs. Go to URL1 and extract CSV Record 1 Go to URL2 and extract CSV Record 2 and so on... Is it possible to accomplish this without using JavaScript or VBS? What happens now is that the same CSV...
  12. A

    Help me Please: problem with random video in php script

    Hello, I have a redtube script for adult videos: xkeez.com would like to have the videos go from: A to Z in loop, no duplicate, when clicked on the link. videos numbers are in a .txt file what will be the php code for this. I'm not a php programmer, but have some knowledge of html. Thank...
  13. ChanzGrande

    DMR inside Iframe just loops in IE7 - help.

    Hello all, I am using a DMR inside an Iframe, and it appears to work pretty well overall, but not in IE7. Ex. My landing page has a cropped email sub, but the crop is actually off the DMR instead of the networks page. I did it this way because my referrers were leaking with cakeslice...
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