lookalike audience

  1. SOCOM

    [SUPER HOT] Get Email Leads for many Niches ✅ Works for Affiliate, Dropshipping & More

    One of the hardest parts about internet marketing isn't the creation of websites, designing logos, researching products or any of that stuff. One of the hardest part is... LEADS! ...or traffic to be exact. How many of you took hours to research the niche, you built out these elaborate...
  2. blackhatbeavis

    Scraping FB & IN emails for Lookalike Aduiences

    I used to have a supplier that would scrape competitors FB & IN emails ... then I'd make lookalike audiences and run ads at them. Supplier has disappeared. Does anyone else offer this scraping service?
  3. BenR101


    hello everyone I am looking for someone who can create a lookalike audience for me with no starting data. if someone knows of someone who can do that please DM. thank you :)
  4. S

    Custom audience from Facebook user ids

    I have a large dataset of 9 million facebook user ids scraped from a third party application, which I am planning to segment based on other user data scraped from their accounts on this third party app. Can I create a custom audience from just the user ids? When I tried to upload a sample csv...
  5. dontfarm

    [Facebook Tip] Look-alike audiences and why we need them

    Greetings! Today we are going to talk about look-alike audiences and why we need them. If you have a business or you are an arbitrator/targetologist, you must have had this though already: "How do I create for myself an audience that is the same as the one converting now?" For that, there is a...
  6. onlyADULT

    How To Manage Facebook Audience (Lookalike Audience)

    Unfortunately, I can’t share any cases right now, but I will review this question on an example in details. Plus, you can reach me in Telegram (@Cassshy) for questions about farming, warm-up strategies, how to get working payment solutions with reasonable prices, how to manage your mediabuying...
  7. jeffro89

    LookALike Audiences (LLA)

    Hey homies, Right so I know i can create a LLA from one country and use it in another country. My question is in terms of quality of those people in the LLA. Do any of you guys know whether the quality is lower if i create an LLA targeting USA and re use that Audience for a campaign in France ...
  8. B

    Lookalike Audience question

    Hey guys, I dont know if this is a easy question, when you get an account banned on fb for bh, will you be able to use the same emails for a custom audience ?
  9. Blake V.

    Any luck with creating custom audiences with @fb emails?

    So, I found a good scraping tool for pulling names, UIDs and emails from posts[ facebook-likes-scraper . tiny-tools . (com) ]. The issue is that it only pulls the @Facebook . (com) emails.. When I try to upload these into a custom audience, it doesn't work. I have tried multiple different ways...
  10. P

    Tracking with the facebook pixel a competitors website?

    Hey Guys, i want to track the in coming Traffic from my competitors website with the facebook pixel and i want to make a custom audience with it and after that a lookalike audience for retargeting... Is there a way to do that? Peter