login error

  1. A

    Instagram login issue

    Successfully created Instagram ac but after closing browser, can't login to instagram. Says, "The username you entered doesn't belong to an account. Please check your username and try again."
  2. S

    Instgram Login Error - "Get Help Logging In" loop - no solution yet

    Hello, I have an Instagram Login Error that I couldnt find a solution for yet. Im already going that far and serious with it, I would even offer money if someone could help me finding the solution. I tried to buy an Instagram account using an escrow service (to get the username). The escrow...
  3. Yippes

    Cannot Login: 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    After I updated the IG app to the latest version, I can no longer login to my device! Error message says Proxy H*T*T*P status: 407 Proxy Authentication Required I can still login through the browser (with the same proxy) and everything works. It is just the app! How can I resolve this?