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  1. leventopoulo

    How to avoid linkedin checkpoint checks when logging in

    Hey guys, I want to automate a login process of some LinkedIn accounts using selenium. Currently If I log in to an account it asks for a email code verification. If I do this on all accounts then It will trust my accounts and allow me to do my job for a while until it throws a captcha. After...
  2. L

    How can i log in as an Webs, in this type of website

    This is the website here
  3. G

    Ig problems with log in! willing to pay for solution

    hi guys, ok so accidentally while editing ig info i deleted the email from the email form inside the ig app setting and the saved and logged out the account. when i tried to log in again instagram as soon as i log in it tells me to update email adress, so i put the email address i want to use...
  4. T

    Log in BHW

    I want to set up my pc and change broad brand network , any problem for BHW account?
  5. N

    Facebook Account Warm Up and Initial Log In

    Hi All, I am looking to figure out what I am doing wrong with my account warm up. Several of my aged accounts were just disabled in a row with NO ACTIVITY! I purchased all of these aged accounts from FBaccs.com. My checklist is as follows. -New browser session (either in Jarvee, or on Firefox...
  6. Luca Jones

    Can't login to chaturbate affiliate site?

    Hey guys, I get an error when trying to login on chaturbate's affiliate site (stats page) .. Anyone knows what's this about or if it's just some server error or if we should just start to panic? Can some of you login in the site normally? I'm like freaking the fuck out right now.
  7. C

    My IP is Banned

    I mistakingly entered my password incorrectly one too many times. Now my IP is banned. Currently accessing through a VPN. How can I go about having this ban removed?
  8. CThomasRaging

    Why Instagram Always Logs Me Out?

    Hi, it's about a few days, but a probably couple of weeks. Back in days when I used to have in the iPhone mobile Instagram app 2 - 4 profiles it all worked perfectly without any issues. I guess from the point when IG did some kind of an update it always logs me out from the app even if I log...
  9. N

    Proxy problem on Fb - Need Help

    I have recently bought couple of private proxies for massplanner use for fb accs. The thing is that whenever I try to log in using a new proxy it fails. Then when I try to log in from my regular IP fb gives me an alert that someone from not regular location tried to log in. While the its...
  10. W

    Need help with bot login ideas for Kinguin

    I am working on a bot that needs to login to kinguin.net and they have some serious protections against any headerless browsers interacting with their site. Any ideas that could point me in the right direction of getting around these so I can get my bots on the site?
  11. dandan594594

    [Bug Report] Not Staying Logged In?

    The forum is auto logging me out, even when "stay logged in" selected. Just wanted to share.
  12. J

    Follow Liker wont Login

    Hey Guys , So i have been running 3 accounts 2 very minor settings wise and one aged account about 400 follow or unfollow a day , well today follow liker is saying " last login was unsuccesfull " I can login fine on my phone on all 3 accounts the passwords have not changed but follow liker...
  13. S

    Wordpress failed log in on bought Expired Domains

    He peeps, I've bought a namecheap domain, set hosting up, set WP on the site up but i cant log into it. Also there are already 2 articles on the site which i didn't make. Got no clue what i should do here. Thx if you are willing to help me out a lil! :)
  14. kytro360

    C#: How to login to Twitter through webbrowser?

    Hello, does anyone have some working code to login to Twitter with the webbrowser in C#? I have some code that should work, I have the right ID's and everything (I used Firebug) but when I start my code nothing happens. If you guys can help it would be awesome! Its funny I can code it to...
  15. Essence19

    Facebook Friend Request Block

    I have been told that I cant send friend requests for 2 days, but I also cant log in to my accounts ,when i try to go through the steps,it simply says ,facebook has had an error,go back to previous.has anyone had this problem? how did you solve it,I cannot get a reply from fb support,this is a...
  16. S

    Wpmanagerdx problem - cant stay logged in

    Greetings all! I hope someone can give me a simple fix for this problem. I have just installed WP Manager DX 2.46 and everything installed properly. The database had no errors in setup. Now I go to log in and i takes me to the admin page. However, whenever I click on something in the admin...
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