1. C

    Rough year for sales ( Local ad Results ) and targeting question.

    Hello everyone! For the past 5 years my local business ( electric bikes ) has been doubling business every year. I've only ever paid for facebook Ads and targeted my area and interests. However this year we have been half as busy as last year. And it's somewhat concerning. My question is...
  2. irisXE

    My Yelp Page 1 Ranking + Sticky Reviews Method, Your Rank & Rent/ Leads Selling Skills

    I have tons of aged Yelp accounts that I use to rank any business in any niche and in any location on Yelp. I also use these accounts to post reviews that stick. I am looking to JV with someone that is able to resell this as a Rank & Rent/ leads selling type of business. A second JV option would...
  3. S

    expanding game development studio, advice needed

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and marketing in general, so please excuse my ignorance in advance! Background: I have been working as a freelancer on Upwork doing game dev and other stuff like virtual reality. Upwork is ok and has allowed me to build a small team of contractors. Upwork...
  4. LamborghiniDreamer

    Flipping domains business idea. Need Advice...

    Hey there black hat family. I have a business idea and wanted yalls opinion. I am thinking about finding local business that do not have their domain names registered, buying it, and selling it to the owner for a profit. My problem is... if they havent bought their domain name already...
  5. LeviAckkerman

    What about a Organic - Homemade - SOAP business ?

    I am willing to start a business journey about organic homemade soap, what do you think about this? I'll sell them in my Town, then in the City, I am willing to use local promotions (Facebook group of the community) What do you think about this? How can I promote this? I think it's an easy and...
  6. K

    local ads / all about local ads

    I'm about to start a job with local ads (local traffic) but I don't have much experience in the subject, but I've been studying about it for months and I've noticed several ideas and I wanted to discover more experiences of people and more important things. (write what you think is more...
  7. LeviAckkerman

    What are the best local businesses, niches, I am 20 years old and I want to start a local business (less than 1k$ investment)

    Hello, I live in a place near the "big town" away like 5-6 KM, I want to start a local business with less than 1k $ investment Short details about the place: - the population is less than 10k people -starting to improve on the real estate...
  8. Bajanman

    What is the best local citation software?

    Hi all, I've been paying for local citations for years and I'd like to start doing them myself. In your opinion, what is the best local citation software and why? Thanks....
  9. coolsheet

    GMB question about changing URL structure and then changing maps listing website URL

    So you know how Google is. You make a change like this and it could end catastrophically. I've never encountered a situation like this so I don't really want to make the jump unless I hear someone else who's experienced this and what they've done. So I have a client that ranks #1 in GMB for...
  10. Zenarus

    Sicha.IO ✅ Pay Per Call Platform - Get More Leads For Your Business

  11. grandstar


    5 Star Google Map Reviews For Your Business Google Reviews send buyers a positive or negative response to your business, online shop, restaurant, or requirements. You can Expect your SEO rank of google reviews. Scroll down you can see the advantage of perching google reviews We will discuss...
  12. C

    GMB US expert needed for adding places to multiple locations

    Hello! We are interested in promoting a business for certain keywords (1-3 total) to multiple US locations to get into GMB pack. As I understand, we cannot claim the business as verification of each location by mail isn't possible. So, we need accounts in major US states, which can add a...
  13. GringoMonkey


    I have a B2B and B2C agency and am looking at setting up a local lead gen agency targeting usa customers. I have a system to easily rank local usa services and am looking for potential partners for a local rank and rent agency. If this JV interests you feel free to get in touch, outlining what...
  14. Conrad Julian

    New to stay

    Hello everybody! I'm here to get to the top of my skills and use the knowledge I can earn from this forum to run my projects profitable. websites were always my hobby past work activity. since last year I put all on it and try to get afloat just from it.
  15. thesilverhawk619

    Best software to test wordpress locally.

    Hello, I want to create my websites locally on my computer and then either upload it or copy the settings to the one hosted online... I used flywheel in the past and it was good and did what it meant to do but now after an update, It doesn't load and get stuck in the starting. Is there any...
  16. larrynectar

    How do yu list a local business on Tom Ton in the UK these days

    Can someone post the link to Add My business in Tom Tom as I am finding it hard to locate. OR is Tom Tom using an aggregated service these days
  17. YuvrajThapa

    How to get city or local based search results on Google

    Just wondering around on the Internet I always thought about how do I get regional or local based search results from different countries. I used to use brightlocal search results options for that. But I got this really useful and effective way shared by mangotools which we can do from developer...
  18. YuvrajThapa

    How to do local keyword research which really converts

    I was wondering how you people do the local keyword research which is city-based. I mean what do you look for at first in order to develop good content for a local lead gen website. Is there anything different than other processes? Please let me know, as I am bit unsure about local keyword...
  19. 1

    Google 3 pack question

    Hey guys. Still pretty new to all of this so please bare with me. Recently I have been trying to get my local property maintenance business to rank in the google 3 pack. I've been doing everything suggested. Loaded up with pics, filled out all info, got reviews, made posts...the works. After...
  20. steroidjoe

    Is FB Ads good for service-based businesses? (or G-Ads)

    I'm used to the dropship crap, but I think FB is more of a fan base community. For example, a carpet cleaning service would not have a Carpet Cleaning Magazine fan base, but if there is a fan base -- those would be people in the industry. I wonder if the community can share if they promoted...
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