1. olo555

    How link PBN ? To get best link juice

    Hi i have question, What tools do you currently recommend to link a large number of domains. I have used so far xrumer, gsa ser but their effectiveness is decreasing. What would you recommend? I was thinking about ranker x or seo autopilot to tier 2 and then xr, gsa tier 3.
  2. M

    Need some help with redirecting an old blog to new

    So, I have a 8 years old website and gets around 1000 clicks per month from google search. It has decent links. I'm planning to redirect this site tp my new blog. Should I do it? Does permanent redirecting your site still works? Any suggestions?
  3. customgear

    This helps?

    Hey, is my ecommerce store and I recently created a blog to link the two. I do not know the internet that well but that will help correct? Also fuc*ed up coding, top line of background is f*cked up. Does anyone know how or what to look at to fix it, it is in the coding. Thank you...
  4. razharov

    Handmade link to each niche article?

    Hey My question is that I have a niche blog, and I found 100+ websites 40+ 60dr+ that has blog post with comment option with your website, allowing to create backlink. Is it a good idea to backlink article to article? and by that I mean that I comment with my blog post link under their...
  5. Hostinglogy

    web 2.0 not getting indexed

    I have tried almost everything like social signals, internal linking, bookmarking and various other things. But my 2.0s (wix,, weebly) are not getting indexed. Can someone tell me what should I do now?
  6. F

    HELP!!! Where can I post my 71 DA website to get clients - Experts Only!

    Hi Guys, (I came here cos you guys are simply the best when it comes to stuff like this) I am looking for platforms like LOGANIX, but maybe better ones? I want to submit my 71 DA so that clients can easily see and order link placement or non-sponsored articles! Any ideas? Also, since I am...

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    FAQ 1. What Is the Difference Between Our Service And Standard Link Building Service? We don't create cheap and bad links. Links are created based on deep research, trend modeling, and search intent. Our links come from brand websites. 2. What Is Our Link Quality? Most websites will never...
  8. curious_

    Links from sub-domain considered as internal links?

    Hello guys, I have a blog on a sub domain and I wanted to know if links from that blog to my main domain considered by google ranking algorithm as internal links. If so, do they pass the same SEO value as regular internal links under one domain?
  9. homeriscool

    Linking to my own website - is it an issue?

    Hi all, Im not sure about this one so I would really like your advice. I have 2 websites. One is established and one is new. I am referring traffic from my established site to my new site. I have linked to my new site from several blog posts on my established site. is this likely to cause...
  10. D

    Groupon - Rank my deal advice

    Hi, i'm looking for some advice. I've got a deal listed on Groupon. There's only me and 1 other deal selling the same product. The other deal has been around a while and is ranking well and is getting more sales. The deal page is also ranking on Google (competitors deal). I wanted to know how...
  11. The MOOK

    Profile Links...Are They Worth It?

    High DA profile links for local SEO. Is this a high impact method of backlinking? How does it compare to guest posting?
  12. Nachus74

    Backlinks in PBN sites (doubt)

    How many links and how should they be, that is, an article every two days with 3 links? Should I put links to pages other than the 'Money SIte' (the main one) ???? How many?
  13. samlowry

    Internal linking: is horizontal interlinking of all pages still works or better avoid it?

    Hi guys! I clean shit at my old websites, just removed page site wide footer linking between my 3 directories. Now I think about inerlinking between all pages of same level: level 1: / level 2: /category*/ - here is all pages linked between each other with anchor = title level 3...
  14. S

    2 Mil views. Still Rank Low. Why?

    I uploaded a clickbait-ey video 7 years ago and gained over 2 million views from it, along with 700+ comments and 5000+ likes/dislikes - 56% being likes, and 2k subscribers. it was the sole video on the channel in recent months i've uploaded 5 videos in a completely unrelated area. they rank...
  15. olo555

    Inner pages - brand anchor

    Hi, i have question i wanna do seo for couple of inner pages, and i wanna ask its ok to use about 80% ratio the same brand anchor for each inner page? Because i'm afraid keywords cannibalization.
  16. A

    CPA direct linking on Bing

    Hey, guys So according to Bing Policies, final url must match with landing page url. I saw this guy doing this method where he put his clickmagic tracking url into his ads "tracking template" field, and final url he put the domain of the offer he is promoting. In other words, he is pushing...
  17. E

    External links that wont hurt my SEO?

    So in general, I know that externally linking is a good thing for SEO. Helps tell what the page is about. But... What if I externally link to a piece of content that is almost exactly like mine that I am trying to rank for? For EX: I have an article "Top 10 computers under 500 dollars" then...
  18. iisark

    Linking to Multiply Niche Sites from Same Guest Posts - Share your Thoughts

    Hi guys, I will be very grateful if you share your thoughts / experience about linking to multiply niche sites from same guest posts. Let me tell you exactly what i mean. Lets say you have 3 sites in the same niche ( no need to mention that everything is unique - e.g. hosting, whois, theme..)...
  19. C

    DMOZ Validation Time

    Hello Backs ! I've some difficulty to be accepted on DMOZ. I'm waiting since 2 months for my money site. But i have some difficulty with anothers websites. Do you have some solutions ;) Let me know ! Thanks
  20. C

    Link for Review Exchange

    I have created a simple link for review exchange, the benefits are (as I see them): No reciprocal links, purely one way. In my opinion reviews can be of equal value to links especially for small businesses in local search. With that in mind I created a site to facilitate this type of...
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