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  1. C

    Ideas on Beating or Attacking Link Network?

    A competitor has been using a company in Japan to build a ton of links to their main site. They are reposting the same spun article across several different blogs and it is really working well for them. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience defeating a link network? I have reported...
  2. N

    What should I do with my 20+ PR3 hotel sites

    Hi, Need some suggestion here. I have I set of more than 20 hotel booking websites, they are almost all PR3 and DA 30+ , they are not rank well any more as it's very very difficult these days to rank well on those keywords. So, I change them into a travel blog sites, I hosted them in...
  3. pradep89

    Need help to find Active Link network Like sape..

    Hi every one i am looking for static link Like sape.. i think sape not working like it use to work before.. But i saw many website those are ranking at First page using this kind of link and they are ranking well. Is there any one who know about Link network Like sape?
  4. A

    Effective Link Network

    I used to do a lot of linkbuilding, but since penguin I've been pretty quiet. I do know that one of the most effective ways to to still gain ranks is through an anonymously run link network (c-class, different hosts, registrars). But do any of you have a set-plan that you follow? My plan right...
  5. m.rvs2141

    [GET] Huge List of Russian Links Networks, list + description

    Hi all, I see big buzz about Russian links networks, lot of English sites using this kind of links to rank for some serious keywords, Myself I use this links very carefully and rare on my money making sites. It is good way for rank and earn strategies, but not that good for a long term ranking...
  6. M

    New Linking Network Will Seek Beta Testers Soon

    Hello all, So I'm building out my own linking network modeled after 3waylinks by Jonathan Leger. There are some minor tweaks to it, but the general concept is the same: 1. Add you site(s) to the network. 2. Supply a linking page on your site that links to other domains. 3. A third set of...
  7. PauloPaul

    Rank Solver New Free Blog Network Bonus For Joining Now, Powerful Features

    We are launching Rank Solver a new free blog network similar to ALN. We already have a good number of PR4 and PR5 domains already in the system waiting for your links! We are offering some bonus points for signing up in the prelaunch so please read on. I'd also love to hear what features you...
  8. H

    Directories or Presell Pages Network - do you know?

    Hello! I am looking for a network of free or paid directories/presell pages. Do you know or have something like that? If yes - how much does 1 site adding to all directories cost and how many directories are available in your list? Or are you interested in sell of such list? I have to add...
  9. S

    I am giving away 3 FREE link blasts! Web 2.0 blogs and other goodies

    Hi Guys and Gals, I am going to launch a link blast service soon. But I going to need some people to give feedback to the process and results first. For that reason, I am giving away 3 free link blasts - equivalent to my "small" starter package. Take a look at this diagram to see what's...
  10. alexandervich

    Have No Clue What to Do With 150 Sites over 55 IP's

    I am honestly stuck, and not because I can't come up with ways in which the websites can make money but which is the best and the easiest to manage. The back story is this, I have these 150 websites spread across 55 C-Class IP's. I am currently closing of doing client work, so I still have...
  11. madoctopus

    Guide - How to Build a Link Network of Support Sites

    A. Avoiding backlink footprints Chances of 2 interlinked sites to have natural links from the same C-class are slim, from same IP are very close to zero. Get one different C-class IP for each site, unless they are not all using AdSense or are interlinked. This is critical! Do link analysis...
  12. alexandervich

    Link Network - Advice

    So I have a question I want to get some opinions on, please give some valuable feedback so I can make the right choice since I know there are a lot of smart people on this forum. I have currently 500 PR 3 + domains on me right now, and I get about 100 minimum a month with the same page rank 3...
  13. P

    Does anyone know of anyone running a large private network?

    Hey, Im looking for a large Private (non commerical) link network/farm to buy in to. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or are these things usually really hard to find? Thanks
  14. P

    How could I find a Website Network to buy in to that's not commercial?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a private network/farm that someone has setup and established for their own websites that's setup correctly to buy in to. Does anyone know where I could find someone with one of these or how I would go about finding someone with one of these? Thanks
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