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  1. Abdullah Mahmud

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    Welcome to SEOKIT guest posting service. We are offering DA 30 to 50+ Google News Approved guest posts at very affordable prices. Google news guest post is a bit different compared to other guest posts. Your post will show under the section and also on the guest post website...
  2. Gebb

    Please don't be suspect

    Link of the article:
  3. SeedPhrase

    Short earn backlink

    Is there any way to get more and quality backlink in short time of period (naturally)????
  4. interstellar$$$

    Steps to get any website ranked!

    I have little bit of knowledge on how to get any website ranked. And to be sure that I 'm following the right procedure. Just adding a few things that I do. Looking for the answers if I m doing anything in a wrong way. Here are some of the points that I work on - As soon as I get a website...
  5. S

    Link Building

    What are some new ways to build links? I've heard of: PBN Blog Articles Guest Posts Comments Forum Links Tumblr Links SAPE Links Social Profile Links Now I'm not certain which of these link building methods still work today other than Blog Articles and Guest Posts. Any recommendations?
  6. UziVert

    My Journey to the Amazon affiliate program. Will be like What HiFi

    Hello! ;) I am new to the forum. I am 24. I specialized in SEO niche. Today I'm an internet marketer. Previously worked for three years as a link builder. I know how to build a link profile, and I understand how to make it correct. Now I set a goal to separate from work and do my job with...
  7. I

    Link Building Question from Newbie

    I am very new to SEO. Just a few things want to ask the pro here:) Please help me check whether my method is correct or wrong. Tools: Scrapebox + Proxy Method 1: I want to use Scrapebox to help me to find all the blog that I can comment on. I will just comment together with my money site in...
  8. Dharmik B

    Please help with me in link building

    After last algorithm update my traffic has decrease day-by-day. I created many athoratative backlinks to my site but can not get result. Does any advance link building method to get more traffic and ranking? If anyone can help.:(
  9. C

    Press Releases For SEO

    Are press releases good for SEO?
  10. K

    Gaming links and Forum links searched! - CSGO

    We are looking for links from the gaming scene with a special interest in: - gaming pages - gaming news sites - CSGO pages and CSGO related pages ----------------------- For the forum link builders: in addition, we are looking for forums comments - do-follow / no-follow mix The Anchor text...
  11. W

    Web 2.0 Review, for FREE.

    Hey, i have made 25 Web 2.0's for the niche Gaming Online. They are with the same Content, 500 + words, just copy paste, and they all have links to authority sites from that niche, all with different anchor text, mostly random. Most of them are made 2 weeks ago or more, and couple are built...
  12. W

    Micro Niche Adsense

    What do you think, how much time it will take to rank a Micro Niche Adsense site only by using Web 2.0?
  13. seo_seo_seo

    HQ Adult links - Looking to swap (not exchange)

    I have high-quality porn sites - if you have adult-related sites (porn, videos, stories, dating etc.) send me a message. High-quality sites only please - you know what I am talking about :) .
  14. skeye

    20 link building techniques. A short list with brief instructions.

    Not all of these methods fit every website. If you've got more to share, add the methods in comments, maybe I'll post another list with all of the suggestions from this thread. 1. Similar content links Find blogs that publish stuff like “Best of the week”, “Monthly roundup”, “August best...
  15. JunJoo

    SEO Link Building

    Hey! How are you all. I want to ask something that I am working on client project for SEO its technical support site. But for being my first SEO project I am working on it. I worked and many by many keywords my site starts ranking on first page. May be just because of low competition, but...
  16. D

    Business / financial nische - where buy good link?

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a link but the site must have +20 tr and +50 DA in finance / forex / business / economy nische. Do you have someone? Can you give me sample and price? PS. Sorry for my english :)
  17. kindarthur

    [Deadpool 2] Diversified Traditional Backlinks ✅ Strong Results ✅ Highly Proposed