1. yassineryo

    [QUESTIONS] Questions About Buying TikTok Threshold Accounts

    Hi guys These days, I was browsing topics and journeys about TikTok and automation, and I found that there are things that must be clarified for anyone who wants to work with automation and earn respectable amounts of money. And now to the questions about TT threshold and proxies: 1) Are...
  2. Artist101

    BALKAN based Only Fans agency, need legal help!

    Hi, I need some legal help with Only Fans. I am from Serbia and I want to make everything legal (taxes etc.), but I don’t know how to pay the taxes here, I don’t know who to ask, what is the law. Do I need to open a firm, like marketing firm? When to do it, how? If OF account is linked to...
  3. K

    What do you think of this method?

    Hi, i've been lurking around this forum for a long time and a method came to my mind to make money. There is a product called GSA contact bot, that also was advertised here couple of years ago. You can crawl many websites with entering just one keyword and also send a message to them. Its a...
  4. M

    Service for video

    Hello, Hello, I have a marketplace website where the game currency is sold. Users have to upload videos as proof in the video upload section of the website after making the sale, but my hosting will not have enough storage space for these videos. Do you know of a place that also provides...
  5. timmytwosteps

    how to prove them wrong? ... advice needed :)

    Hi all, Hoping all is well :) Back again, looking for some advice on a semi-urgent situation. Obviously names are made up .. but hopefully the situation is clear. Background/timeline: We have a client (1&OneLTD) going through a SEO some drama. - A key member of staff left "1&One LTD" to...
  6. mrsmilyy

    How can I use motivational speeches in my videos legally, like many motivational channels use in their videos on YouTube?

    Hello everyone, knowing that I am in France How can I use motivational speeches in my videos legally, like motivational channels use in their videos on YouTube? speeches of Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Bob Proctor, david goggins, Elon Musk for exemple regards
  7. S

    Using Others Instagram or Youtube Videos as Content and Monetize it?

    Recently I read a post from bhw which explains: How to earn $5,000+ per month from Adsense without an Adsense Accounts Basicly creating a site for youtubers and monetizing it from their adsense acc and sharing the Income... so I decided to try this method with some tweaks and Send a few DM to...
  8. Hayden Russell

    Why do people post public proxies?

    So I have never understood why someone would post a list of free proxies that anyone can use. I assume that these are probably part of a botnet because most residential proxies are quite costly and not something that someone would give away for free. Even if they are part of a botnet, why would...
  9. B


    Hey everyone! Let's say I made a shopify store selling branded toys buying them from aliexpress. Would that be considered trademark infringement, since it's most likely fake and I'm not a retailer for that brand. How do you guys do it? Just create a shopify, pay with BTC and register for John...
  10. CreativeDaddy

    How to legally bypass copyright claims (DMCA) EU ruling

    Howdy! So in this thread I will show a simple way to bypass any copyright claims, mainly in Europe. Before starting I must say that I do not own any movie website or anything related to this, just dont have the skills to make a website like that and I have a lot more to worry about. I just...
  11. L

    want to hire a tax expert

    i would like to hire someone who knows how taxation works in regard to internet income.and if there's a way around send me your skpe to discuss
  12. wolfofcraigslist

    Running a cam site laws...

    What are the laws nowadays for running a adult site? Can I legally collect id's of models?
  13. J

    Legal To Sell SMM Services In The UK?

    Hi, Again, I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong area, please let me know. I'm wanting to get into selling SMM services properly. I live in the UK and want to know more about the legalities surrounding this business. I understand that I will likely need to register a limited...
  14. P

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on?

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on? Hi so I was banned on a site called redbubble about 2 years ago. So I signed up again on a different IP address. All they want when you sign up is your address, first and last name, country, and PayPal email. I used a fake name...
  15. S

    (Newbie) Setting Up a Legal Entity

    Hi everyone, complete newbie here starting up in the affiliate marketing world. I apologize if someone already answered this in depth but I couldn't find too much info in old posts. I know this may be something that I should think about later since I haven't started generating significant...
  16. K

    porn issue

    Hi, i wanted to start a porn site. I did my home work find money and ready for it. But at last i found porn is illegal in my country. I am not going to create porn. Just embedding other country videos. Hope to use whois protection. but i think there is a risk. Will it be a problem for me? Or...
  17. C

    Question about partnering with BHW

    Remove if not allowed. So, I’m interested in the BHW partnership and I’m looking to hear about other’s experience with them. Also had a few question about the partnership would be great if you could answer them: 1. Does BHW do development work for equity? 2. Will BHW partner with a legal...
  18. B

    Can you get sued by companies like swagbucks etc. for watching videos on multiple accounts and IPs?

    There are sites like these that work by showing you videos then paying you money by showing you those videos. My question is, if i get a bunch of VPSes and VPNs to watch that shit and get paid, could it be possible that I get sued? What grounds would I even get sued for?
  19. anonjack

    Does CloudFlare make my website applicable for US law?

    Hello BHW community. I have a question regarding CloudFlare or reverse proxies for websites in general. Do these proxies make my website applicable to laws in which the proxy is based in? Simple question yet I can't seem to find any answers online.
  20. W

    Noob Question about legal issues and blog content.

    I am trying to create a micro-niche site to promote affiliate products. I want to write some articles to give my site content. But I want to make sure I don't break any laws like plagiarism or something and get sued. If I research information and find some from another source (blog post...
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