1. AntiCCC

    Transitioning from Servicing Clients to Selling SEO Client Leads

    Hey BHW Community, I hope this post finds everyone well. I've come to a point where I'm looking to pivot in my SEO business, and I could really use some guidance from the seasoned experts here. I own a call center that generates around 1k-2k live transfer calls from potential clients...
  2. GringoMonkey

    HAF Build Me a Linkedin Leads List

    I am looking for someone who can build me a leads list on linkedin of decision makers / owners of companies who sell products or services to online marketing agencies.
  3. intracon

    Leads selling - any hints?

    Hi, wanna sell some leads that contains the following information: Person's Name Job Title Business Email Address LinkedIn URL Business Title Website Location Business Phone Number Company Size Company Revenue Industry Type There can be more information, but I have no idea where to sell them...
  4. D

    Is this a good idea? To sell counseling to OF-models on how good other Onlyfans Agencies are?

    There are many OF agencies that sell a course on how to make it on Onlyfans. These courses are ofc a way of showing you know this business in and out, in the hopes of a potential OF model contacting you and joining your agency. But this method is maybe a bit saturated now. Me and my partner...
  5. O

    Can someone please help me find a company or someone to sell my leads

    I am looking for someone who can help me find someone to sell my leads :))
  6. commercial

    Looking for leads B2B USA - Very selective criterias

    Some of our customers need leads, It is difficult to be excellent in all areas. We want to surround ourselves with freelancers to accompany our growth. We will test your service on one first operation, with 50 leads $50 Wanted: - Meet very selective criteria ( more info by PM). - Contact...
  7. O

    Urgent Help with my leads

    I am looking for someone who guides/advises me on what I can do with the leads I have as I do have more than 7k, please.
  8. M

    Lead generation in general - what's the best way?

    Hey guys, We would like to use this opportunity to create an overview of lead generation. We would like to generate more leads in the area of Germany / Austria / Switzerland. We are active in the financial sector and are therefore looking for suitable leads for this area. What we have done so...
  9. M

    Specialists wanted for the creation of Funnel Websites / Lead generation Websites

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist. It is about the following: We need someone who can build or sell funnel pages / lead generation pages on mass. The content of the pages would have to be adapted to us. We don't need hosting, we do that ourselves, so we only...
  10. W

    How to find out on a scale if a company has a pixel (FB or google pixel) or not on their website?

    1.) Hey, I would like to get a list of companies (e.g. fb ads agencies) that have a pixel on a website, how can i do this on a scale without doing it one by one? 2.) Does anyone know a software where I can get the leads? 3.) Also how can i find out if they have run ads in the past 90 days...
  11. R

    Can i enter leads myself in an offer?

    If I've authentic and interested list of leads with data can I enter in a cpl offer myself? I generate leads through fb ads.
  12. R

    GSA Website Content for Leads?

    Hello, I would like to know can I scrap leads (email, name, contact info etc) with GSA website contact for home improvement category? Like is there any way that I can get contact information of the people who needs home improvement services through GSA Website Contact? And if is there any...
  13. R

    How to generate leads for home improvement for USA?

    Hey, I'm looking for fast ways to generate leads for USA, if anyone has any tips or method to generate leads for home improvement then a brief guide would be appreciated =)
  14. D

    Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously as soon as the lead opts in?

    Hey Guys! Not sure if this belongs here... Is there a software that calls the lead AND the business simultaneously, as soon as the lead opts in on a landing page to connect them together on a phone call? Thanks! :)
  15. dadyyanki

    Help for getting fiverr or similar site worker data

    How can i get fiverr or any similar job posting sites workers data like emails,expertise ? Is there any scraper available? Help if you have any information about this.
  16. Myst3ry

    How to create pop-up lead magnet like this?

    What tool should I use? I need pop-up lead magnet with steps to get some more info from the visitors...
  17. Floch

    I have around 31K emails and 1000K phone numbers, Help!

    Hello BHW! Happy Weekend (I hate working on Saturday), Hope you/re doing good. I have the above mentioned email and phone numbers (all the contacts are based in India). I am a newbie to IM and idk what to do with these. My previous company said they bought these from my lead generation company...
  18. A

    Leads for Mortgage

    Hello All, I have client who needs mortgage leads. What would be good cost effective method to generate those, including affiliate. Client would pay per closed deal. Thanks.
  19. homeriscool

    Is Using Google Ads for Lead Gen a Stupid Business Idea?

    Hey Guys, I'd like your thoughts. I have a website that dominates the local search in it's niche. Top spot for GMB and serps. However, the competition for Google Ads is insane. There's that many people spending money on ads that my GMB and serp ranking aren't getting a look in. So I dipped...
  20. W

    Linkedin lead collect from provided website link.

    Hey there, I need to collect Linkedin lead (Name, Email address, Linkedin profile link of CEO/CTO) from providing a bulk list (20,000) of website link. Is there any tool for doing this?
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