1. forksend

    Google I/O 2023: They revealed new layout for SERP's with integration of AI.

    For shopping KW's it looks like they are trying to send users directly to paid ads and in top serp's they are having how to, Choosing the best etc guides.
  2. manoraq

    Facebook layout Problems (bot)

    I'm trying to automate facebook accounts but i'm having a weird issue with the layout of some accounts on facebook mobile... I added a picture for reference. Does any facebook guru have an idea how to "update" the old layout (left) To the new layout (right)? I can't post any event link due to...
  3. Nana Dada

    [Suggestion] Add mobile-friendly signatures

    Mobile layout of the forum does not include signatures, which means that they are only visible when you're visiting BHW from a desktop computer. This is probably because you cannot fit a 728px × 90px image into a mobile page in portrait orientation and keep the text on it readable. It would be...
  4. Nana Dada

    Signatures not displayed when visiting BHW from mobile devices. Is that ok?

    Guys, I noticed that signatures are not displayed when I am surfing BHW using my mobile phone (neither mine, nor someone else's). Is that ok or maybe there is some broken page layout?
  5. K

    layout for mobile hack

    Hello, I am looking for a page where the layout is ready for most games. For example for 8 ball pool. I used to have a page where all the layouts were. Now they've probably deleted the page. I mean exactly the page where I will find ready layout + hack generator. Can anyone help?
  6. P

    Header code deleted in wordpress, how to retrieve it?

    Hello friends there is new query I am currently dealing with.. I was working on-page on my website that is in wordpress and accidentaly deleted header.php codes. Having no backup. Now the file is blank and the layout of the whole website is ruined. How to fix this issue? Or either it is...
  7. G

    Masonry layout plugin for Wordpress

    Hey guys. Just wanna ask - i need masonry layout plugin. I found some on the internet but they all too expensive. Maybe anyone have nulled version of it or good free analog? Thankyou!
  8. H

    WordPress Theme + Layout

    Please delete this thread.
  9. U

    Layout of blog post

    I'm trying to figure out what the best layout is for a blog post to have it optimized for SEO. I'm looking for tips on: where to place images, how to use (sub)headings, formatting of text etc. I once came across an image which shows the best layout in blocks, which seemed useful. All help is...
  10. vuedoolor

    Whats a good site that sells advertising space?

    Hi guys I I just want know if any of you guys can show me a site that has a good advertising space layout.. ? A friend of mine wants to create a site to sell advertising space. Type of advertising space he wants to sell are 125X125, 728X90, 468x60, and text ads If you guys can point me to a...
  11. K

    Site Changes Advice

    My blog is only a few months old. I'm starting to see a decrease in visits. I try to post often and work on SEO. I'm looking for advice as to what I can change about the site as it stands now. I've been trying to increase my google page rank but haven't see any changes. My Alexa rank keeps...
  12. D

    Do you like the new Facebook?

    The new Facebook layout is now almost on every account. I like it, but what I don't like about it is the Graph Search! is it possible to get the old search back? Like an add on or something? & thanks.
  13. popzzz

    [GET] Free virtual ruler for your computer screen

    Free virtual ruler for your computer screen JR Screen Ruler Pro is a great tool to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever. Screen Ruler can display Pixels, Inches, Picas or Centimeters. With this...
  14. C

    Basic layout for AdSense WordPress project?

    Dear Black Hat community, I was wondering if I use the correct structure for my "exact keyword domain name" project in WordPress. Also where to precisely add content to end up with a good layout is not quite clear to me yet. Right now there is one "post" and four "pages". The 900 word...
  15. beakerhat

    Should we change website layout? (New Article Hints So)

    Sacramento bee published an article on Google Penguin. Thought a piece of it would be helpful for everyone. Do you think it is about time when we should change the layout of our websites? The name of the article was Google's New Over-Optimization Penalty: Is Your Website at Risk?
  16. BlackTrader

    Looking for COMPLEX JOB, Store + graphic design

    Ok so here it is: Im looking for person who will do complex job for me Im about to start setting Store wchich will be selling Replicas mixed with authentic goods (clothes, watches , shoes etc) So i need some1 who will design the whole look for me + set up it at buletproof hosting Im...
  17. G

    Need Experienced myspace theme designer and develop

    i want a myspace theme designer who can design myspace theme in adobe photoshopt and use flash for effects and then code it for myspace and install it on my page. if you are experienced, you have work. PM me ASAP.
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