kw difficulty

  1. M

    Bulk Keyword Difficulty Score Checker Tool - Hard Question

    Here's a very very tricky one. I work with enormous batches of keywords, between 800 - 1K keywords. And, I use Keyword revealer to calculate the difficulty of a certain keyword. Large number of these keywords are probably hard to rank for with high competition and I'm searching for low...
  2. Shropdog

    Suggestions to achieve first high traffic kw rank

    So having started a UK eCommerce store 6 months ago, we hit first page and positions for our main easy 3 kw's. Since then lots of long tail product kw's have started to do really well, but they are all low traffic. We pushed a new product range about 1 month ago and have done well with kw's...
  3. D

    No longer going to simply lurk, but take action. A few questions

    I'm going to work on two methods at the same time because I have the time. Grayhat Instagram and micro-niche sites. Regarding finding keywords for the site, should I pay for kwfinder or buy them from here? I'm a near-total noob. There's also Jaaxy and other tools, and there seems to be little...
  4. jenyap

    gradual ranking decrease of kws

    my website is new. today it's only got ahrefs rank 85 mill. But I had few kws on 16 and 13 places, now they gone by 15 positioning down. I m building links, press realises, nich blog comments why do my kws experience that?
  5. D

    Reliable/accurate free/low-cost KW difficulty research tool?

    Hi, so I know there's KWFinder/Ahrefs (too expensive), Ubersuggest (not sure how to use properly; supposed to have a keyword difficulty metric but doesn't show it in search results), and Moz/ are options, I guess, but I don't know how trustworthy their KW difficulty scores are. I'm...
  6. D

    KW difficulty Ahrefs VS Kwfinder which one you follow?

    Am very confused why there is huge difference which I found while doing keyword research?
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