Aug 14, 2017
Reaction score
Here's a very very tricky one.

I work with enormous batches of keywords, between 800 - 1K keywords. And,
I use Keyword revealer to calculate the difficulty of a certain keyword.
Large number of these keywords are probably hard to rank for with high competition and I'm searching for low competition keywords, so it's a needle in haystack job.
I have no problem going through them one by one, but the thing limiting me is the amount of credit allowed by keyword revealer for running calculation on the difficulty score. I basically have 100 evaluations per day, which is low compared to the amount of the batches I work with.
The result is that I end up wasting my credit calculating hard to rank for keywords.

What I want is a kinda of a buffer tool that gives me rough estimation of the keyword difficulty of each keyword in bulk, so I can avoid the ones with hard competition and then further filter the low competition ones with keyword revealer.

I tried Keyword planner, but it does not show the competition for all the keywords, beside I guess the competition calculated in Keyword planner is for paid and not organic competition.

I also tried KW finder, however it also needs credit to reveal the difficulty score for each word.

Does anyone know a solution?