keyword difficulity

  1. 99lives

    How to massively check keyword difficulty

    I need to check the competition for approximately 600 keywords. At least allintitle for each of them, but other metrics may come handy (maybe DR of the first 10 results). I haven't done this in a while, but I'm pretty sure there are several tools to do it. Any recommendations?
  2. Yupwork

    Keywords Volume is 2.9K With ZERO Keyword Difficulty [ HELP ]

    Hi I just want to know if it's okay to work on this keywords, even if the most of them trends
  3. M

    A Question for SEO Pros Only!!!

    How to spy, find trends and low competition keywords for... Hi, I do custom T-shirt designs for POD platforms like teespring, teepublic etc... I'm looking for a strategy to find low competition keywords (preferably, KGR keywords) in low competition/ undiscovered niches. T-Shirt market became so...
  4. SeedPhrase

    Need help to monitize 7.3M SV keyword(KGR)

    I found another KW that has 7.3M search volume in India. it will be a single page site no need of any content but require some PHP knowledge. unfortunately, I have no idea about php:(:(:( I checked allintitle results 527000. so KGR = 0.07 how reliable is KW finders difficulty?? Ahrefs(always...
  5. SeedPhrase

    1.1M search volume but difficulty 0(SERP result 63)

    Hi guys, I got a keyword with search volume 1.1M with 63 results without quote. but the problem is till position 20 only youtube videos are ranking. should I target that KW or not??? what you think about this KW guys, please drop your suggestion and feedback.. Cheers!!
  6. SeedPhrase

    Monster Keywords with nearly no difficulty

    Hi mates, while researching some niches I found a keyword with huge search volume but I don't know I should judge difficulty. every tool shows different. I want to create a single page site with this keyword. who ranks in 1st position he has only 8DA but monthly traffic is nearly 4M Ahrefs...
  7. Mirkogiovannetti

    How to correctly evaluate a KD regarding an Online Business?

    I would like to reason with you on what is the right way to truly evaluate the difficulty of a given keyword. This post could also be useful to Newbie who do not know how to identify the difficulty of a certain keyword. First of all I advise everyone ---> DO NOT USE AHREFS to KD Metric!! :mad...
  8. M

    Bulk Keyword Difficulty Score Checker Tool - Hard Question

    Here's a very very tricky one. I work with enormous batches of keywords, between 800 - 1K keywords. And, I use Keyword revealer to calculate the difficulty of a certain keyword. Large number of these keywords are probably hard to rank for with high competition and I'm searching for low...
  9. SERPreach

    My Personal Keyword / SEO Difficulty Tool based on Ahrefs Data (DR, RD, Organic Keyword etc.)

    Hey Guys this is my 2nd share on 2nd day of this New Year after that 1st Share talking about grabbing SEO clients using Ahrefs! I believe this guide would add great value to this BHW community for intermediate level + SEO (maybe not for Newbies)! However I will try to be straight and simple as...
  10. K

    Searching for good amazon keywords

    Hello, Trying to set up amazon affiliate (micro niche)website, still learning lol. What would you call a good (low competition) keyword. I'm using ahrefs and ubersuggest for my research. but for the same keyword I have different results in those two platform. for example if a keyword has a KD...
  11. splashrahul977

    How to do Keyword Difficulty Research in 2019?

    I consider myself a noob in SEO, Till now I have been relying on manual Keyword Difficulty Research. What I have been doing is looking for 1st Page of Google and Analyzing PA and DA through Moz Chrome Extension and if all the Pages have lower PA than 40 and fewer backlinks( I research this from...
  12. seo warrior9

    How SEOs Experts are Measuring Kw Difficulty?

    Question in Title.Your Help will be Appreciated.
  13. seo warrior9

    Question about Keyword Difficulty?

    i find some keywords like Best product review.when i put keywords in serp top 10 sites are not doing Exact target (Not in title,url & H1). But these sites have high DA.In Ahrefs KD is 0 And in KWfinder Keyword competition is 40.Should i Go for it? Thanks in Advance
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