ahref difficulty

  1. finolaina

    Meet amazon's affiliate sites - Ahrefs or Scrapebox?

    Hello! I'm wanting to meet amazon affiliate websites, but I don't know how to get there. As I am doing now is: 1- I download 5000 words that users search on Amazon (by country). 2- I use Scrapebox to get all the sites offered for each word searched. 3- I eliminate duplicate domains. 4- I use...
  2. M

    Bulk Keyword Difficulty Score Checker Tool - Hard Question

    Here's a very very tricky one. I work with enormous batches of keywords, between 800 - 1K keywords. And, I use Keyword revealer to calculate the difficulty of a certain keyword. Large number of these keywords are probably hard to rank for with high competition and I'm searching for low...
  3. jasmine.davis.123

    Can you trust Ahref KD as shown below

    Hi, According to Ahref, they calculate the KD considering the no of backlinks to a particular site, they ignore onpage seo completely, do you think that this KW can get in to top 10 with 0-10 backlinks according to ahref? I had a look with the KWFinder, where I got 45 KD, nobody will enter in...
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