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  1. kurosaki4d

    Question about Keyword Analysis

    Hello Guys, I have a question about a new way for me to test a keyword's volume potential. I've been testing lately, and I noticed on numerous occasions with a lot of keywords, let's say with SEO tool like Ahrefs, I get a "search volume of 0 / per month" in their data. And when I test from a...
  2. Ricardo R

    I will research 1 keyword (low competition) for you. I will also give you the details of the URL which can be displaced.

    So, I used to rely on tools but then I realised I should check the SERPs for any given keyword too. In this giveaway, you will receive a keyword for a given topic. I will also be sharing the details of the URL with the lowest PA/DA in the SERPs. As in which URL you are going to be trying to...
  3. seocrab

    How to view historical keyword trends right on the SERP

    Here's another free tool you can use while doing your keyword research on the SERP (works with my free SERP keyword research method). Keywords Everywhere (free version) shows you historical keyword trends for everything you search. Premium users will also see keyword volume estimates, but...
  4. Kintoups

    SEO: To split similar keywords or not?

    Hey guys, Do you think it's best to create 2 separate pages for similar keyword or to combine them on one page. For example, let's say you have: Retirement simulator (60,500 monthly searches) Retirement calculator (27,100 monthly searches) Would you combine both keywords into one page or...
  5. D

    [Guide] How To Make Money Online in 2020 (Coronavirus Example)

    Perhaps you don't like having a boss. Maybe you live in a Tier 3 country. Whatever the reason, there are lots of ways to earn money online in 2020 and here is one of them. You can host for $10 a month and pay another $9 for a domain. If you do keyword reseach and write content yourself then you...
  6. seocrab

    [METHOD] Quora trick - find high traffic, low competition niche questions (no tools required)

    @fasttrak posted a neat Quora hack here using ahrefs to find the best questions to answer. If you don't have ahrefs, there's a simpler way to find Quora questions in your niche that you can get easy traffic from. Google this string: keyword "1 answer" "view 1 upvoter" "k views"...
  7. 1st

    Preferred Keyword Research Tool?

    What's your guy's preferred tools for doing keyword research? In the past, I've used SEM Rush for amazon affiliate sites but looking to test out some other tools this month.
  8. SEO Ways

    [Free Review Copies] - Keyword Research and rank tracking tool

    Hello, BHW members, I'm happy to offer the review copies for SerpKit. Will provide 14 days basic plan account in exchange for the review. Sales Thread Requirements: I'd prefer the JrVip's or members with 500+ posts but will happily accept users with 200+ posts minimum Will prefer the review...
  9. A

    Putting Multiple Keywords in Title

    Hey guys, I am new to SEO, and i was working with my team. So, my work is putting multiple keywords in one single title. The client is having a new business they provide home,education, & business loans. There business is located in India. I made a title like : Education, Home, Business...
  10. 3

    Anybody signed up for Patel's Agency Unlocked? Question about "microsites"

    I don't know how Patel is viewed here, I imagine there are some quite different viewpoints..but regardless, my business partner signed up for his "Agency Unlocked" course thing and i thought i'd ask this here to see if anyone else had come across it and to hear your thoughts, or even if you...
  11. lockheadsr71b

    How to do competitor keywords research without paid tools?

    Okay so here is the problem. I will be starting as a freelance digital marketing expert. (don't worry I won't try to sell you anything). Since my budget is low for starters I won't be buying any professional tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu, etc. So far I have found alternatives to normal...
  12. O

    Why none of my videos rank?

    Hello, wasn't sure where to add this thread but Ive got a problem with ranking my videos. So, Ive added couple of videos with game hack niche (8-9 videos) and only one of them ranked, the one that had no comments, likes and views added by me it just ranked itself. First thing that I'm doing to...

    [Giveaway] Free Moz Pro Report

    Hi Everyone, I have some Moz Pro account and I don't need all to use. Those have lots of queries available. I want to give Backlinks & Keywords Report to as many members I can. It's all about my free time, but I can give 10-30 reports daily. Just reply with Interested and then inbox me with...
  14. R

    Question about Keyword research

    Is it possible to do keyword research without using paid service. I don't get much help from the google keyword tools. I tried using several chrome extension they are helpful to some extent. How do you guys do keyword research.
  15. WarLords

    How deep do you trust this when doing Kw Research?

    I love gaming and then I decided to switch my niche to gaming and then the issues of kw research is giving me problems (some few) what happens is i normally check out a keyword multiple times and on multiple tools after that, then i will start analyzing who my competitors are and how are they...
  16. SamiMM

    I provide HOSTING&TOOLS, You do KW research&SEO.

    Hello, I have always wanted to have 1 or many authority websites، I am looking for someone who has some experience with SEO and ranking affiliate/adsense sites. What i provide : -hosting -domain names - tools such as semrush, kwfinder, serpchecker, and many more (The Tools are...
  17. korbes

    How Do You Figure Out If A Keyword Is Worth Ranking For?

    How do you guys MANUALLY figure out, if a keyword is worth ranking for? It may have a lot of searches, but how do you analyze the results on the 1st page? I've heard something about, if there's alot of Quora stuff and YouTube popping up, it shouldn't be that hard.. Also, do you measure it on...
  18. Md.Sya1709

    Keywords I'm Trying To Target Does Not Appear In GWT

    Hello Everyone! :) I'm new to SEO and I have an affiliate marketing site which is about 1 months old. The issue I'm facing currently is that the long tail keywords I'm trying to target are not appearing in my GWT Search Analytics. My article is about 3000 words. I have all the basic on-page...
  19. D

    800k search sum / 34 average SEO difficulty/119 keywords. Should I go for it?

    Hi guys, SEO help/ advice needed and is highly appreciated. My background in IM: specializing in Social Media advertising ( $350 - $400profit/month selling social media services). I recently purchased premium KWfinder membership and I managed to get some good keywords but I am still not sure...
  20. Dante12

    Lil Motivation | SEO Ain't Dead | Keyword research is EVERYTHING

    I see a lot of people complain lately that SEO is dead, can't rank, nothing works bla blah blah. Well, this thread isn't going to show anything new or groundbreaking. It's just a little motivation for those who struggle to see that SEO is still profitable and that doing things the right way...