journey 2019

  1. P

    My Instagram journey GOAL 10k$/MONTH

    I am posting this only for motivation my self Also, I thought it will be fun to track my journey there on BHW. And maybe found some new friends and motivation others. I want to make money only from Instagram and my Goal is 10k$/M only profit! What I have? - Absolutely awesome services for...
  2. CreateConsume

    Journey To $1,000 A Day

    Hey there, everyone! Overview of self and other stuffs I decided to start this journey thread for many reasons. One of the major ones is the roller coaster of emotions and limiting beliefs. Also, "My Journey Discussions" has been one of the most useful sections of this forum for me. Maybe this...
  3. P

    My Instagram journey GOAL 4500$/MONTH

    Hey guys, my English is bad. So I am sorry for the wrong sentences. I thought it will be fun to track my journey there on BHW. I want to make money only from Instagram and my Goal is 4.5k$/M only profit! I have two methods of how I want achieve that. a) Instagram 1 = From fans page...
  4. B

    New website testing Pinterest traffic

    I see a lot of new journeys focusing on Google seo and I also have my own Google seo projects, but I decided to do a test to see how well I can utilize Pinterest. My site is new but my Pinterest account is old. I'm currently revitalizing the account by posting and repinning every day. This...
  5. SmittySahn75

    My Journey With a Brand New Website

    Hello all, I purchased a brand new website back in July of 2018. I just haven't had time to do much with it until now. Here is proof of virtually no traffic since then. I installed WordPress on the site back in July or Aug of 2018 and just let it sit as is with all defaults. I finally...
  6. DreamOfHeaven

    My Journey to Steady $2000/m with Fiverr, YT & Ecommerce by May 2020

    Hello guys, This is my first thread and I am going to start a journey with a target of constant $2000 every month by May 2020. Here are my skills/knowledge/assets/resources or whatever I have earned in my life is this: --I am a graphic designer by profession and working for 5 hours daily in a...
  7. Renfield-Files

    New Journey on Political Blogs

    Good Morning ppl! Im running a couple of new blogs about US elections 2020. Both AdSense approved and running. Im starting up with 30 posts each blog: one pro-Trump and the other one anti-Trump. My BREXIT blog (Very Dramatic) brought me very good earnings from AdSense but also from orgs...
  8. Myitsolutions

    Journey to $5000 a month

    I have been on this forum for a while, and I am seeing people that are starting their journey and getting success. I will be doing the same to get started and earn $5000 just by selling my SEO services on freelance platform. Current income: $100 Investment: $30 Profit: $70 I will update this...
  9. Ripstack

    My first of many niche sites | Journey to my freedom

    Hi, My name is.... not important. My plan is to make a niche site, that would generate me some income at all. I figured, if I can make a site that gets me 1$ a month that's great! That means I just have to make 10, 100 , 1000... websites and make more , right ? A little back story. ***...
  10. theIMMachine

    [JOURNEY] A journey towards a 3 year old dream, a Masters degree from Berlin :)

    Namasthe I mean, Grüß dich Ich grüße Sie recht herzlich. Howdy BHW? :) Well, It's been a long ride here, still continuing... I thought about it for a few days whether to share this journey with my friends here, later decided to share it since, if it would be a motivation to...
  11. Pridelord

    [JOURNEY] Road to 1k POD designs

    Hey guys! What's going on? Yesterday I got paid by Teepublic: The thing is, that I didn't even get for what I got paid. So I was really surprised. I totally forgot that some time ago I created a few designs and uploaded them on some marketplaces. 3 months ago I had my first-time (ever)...
  12. santhej

    [Journey]$100/Day From Android Apps In 3 Months

    I have been into app business before and did make a nice amount from it. However I did leave the industry almost 2 years ago, after I was fed up with account bans from Google Play. For the past 2 years I focused on my other business which is generating a stable income now. As of now I have the...
  13. Dinner&Diatribes

    Journey to $1,000 Per Month (Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites)

    Hello BHW! A little backstory on me before I lay down what I've been in the process of doing: Since 2014, I've focused primarily on building websites for local businesses on the side. The pay was pretty nice, and through my experience doing this, I was able to land a career in SEO. I always...
  14. TeslaFan

    Journey to $3000/month Digital Marketing Agency from Zero

    Dear BlackHatWorld community, I have been out of marketing for a while and last year I was considering to build a digital marketing agency and live from that. Right now I work for others doing sales in the US and Canada (over the internet mainly since I travel). My goal is to create my own...
  15. M

    My journey to 15$/day (adrians method) IN NEED OF SOME HELP!

    hey guys hows it going? ive been contemplating starting making some cash with porn for a long time.cause out of all the money making schemes going around promising crazy profits,porn seems (to me) the only that could actually be doable.(porn is the single most popular thing on the...
  16. G

    My Journey to 500€ a Month with IM and Beyond!

    Hello BHW. Before anything, I just want to say that I am glad to be apart of the community. I am one big lurker of this forum. I think there’s nobody here more lurker than me. I lurk so much that I registered, logged off moments later, and when back to lurk. I needed a reason to engage with...
  17. GreatBlueWhale

    [Journey] Battle for the Throne

    Hey fellow peasants. The time for century-long war has come. Grab your favorite snacks and lay back comfortably on your sofa as you watch me struggling in this upcoming battle. Anyway. Enough chitchat. This journey thread will mostly be about my attempts in various white-hat business...
  18. Wahab4112

    [Journey] $1000 per month with adsense newbie

    Sorry my english is terrible Hello, I am a newbie and I am making this thread to keep me motivated and keep working. What have I done uptill now Bought a domain name setup theme and hosting done with keyword research Writing articles Lets see if i can get to $1000 per month or not...
  19. Maxina

    I am Maxina, and this is the beginning to my LONG journey

    Hey everyone, I am Maxina! I am a REAL American woman and that is a REAL photo of me. I wanted to share my online business journey here because my friends and family just don't understand what it is that I am doing. How many people in the REAL WORLD actually make money online?? I haven't met...
  20. yorkaz

    Building house till end of 2020 (100k eur in 15 months).

    Hello to all, I'm here for a long time and I know a lot of You :) But you maybe never sow me :) From the start, I can say that English is not my native language so sometimes text can hurt your brain. I naturally from eastern Europe, but currently living in Ireland (Damn, it's an expensive...
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