Building house till end of 2020 (100k eur in 15 months).

Can I make it?

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Jun 20, 2014
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Hello to all,

I'm here for a long time and I know a lot of You :) But you maybe never sow me :) From the start, I can say that English is not my native language so sometimes text can hurt your brain. I naturally from eastern Europe, but currently living in Ireland (Damn, it's an expensive country).

So, I'm not new here, I not new in internet marketing. I had plenty of successful internet business, but time is going and projects are gone :) But I start not from zero. I'm moving, living, working and wanna change everything in myself. I'm 28 years old, I have a fiancee and we need a home :)

My plan is to get 100,000 Eur from the internet until the end of 2020. I need 6,667 Eur a month. And now it makes me only about 300 Eur :) I need to boost my business and discover more ways to earn.

I'm currently working full-time basis and after few months I leave that shit hole and I give all my self to the internet. I have enough money for living that 15 months. I have money to invest. So I feel comfortable and can keep all the earnings.

Currently, I run a few E-commerce stores in my native country. 4 is brand new and 1 is 3 years old. From one store, I'm generating about 300 Eur per month. It sells one product.

My plan:

1. Fully automate all process with that 5 stores which I run now. Now I don't have any system. I post on social media at any time without any system. I didn't connect social media accounts so it takes plenty of time to post anything to it.
2. Start 5 more niche stores in my native country (in total to have 10 stores and generate at least 1000 Eur a month. ).
3. Hire somebody to manage those stores (the plan is to make everything easy to manage and give all work to somebody cheap because in my country is low minimum wage. So I can move on.)
4. Start 5 niche affiliate sites (I have the previous experience on it and wish to give a try because it makes me very happy then I earn from an affiliate. Very strange, but I like it :)).
5. Adsense. Yess. I have old AdSense account witch feed me 4-5 years ago :) Plan is to start one blog in my native country and one in English speaking country.
6. Run 5 USA based niche dropshiping site (I have experience on it, 1 site is almost ready to run and I have a perfect domain and idea for another store. So after 3 left.
7. Email marketing (Now I have a list of about 300 real buyers and 1000 subscribers. Need to do something and I don't have an idea. Plan is to build a bigger list and start to do something with all subscribers).

The official start will be on 31/08/2019. That day I start my 9 day holiday at work and prepare a full plan for a journey. I have to spend that holiday as much productively as I can because after work I can't spend a lot of time on everything. I plan to leave work at 31/10 and leave Ireland because there's no point to stay if you not work. It's a very expensive country, but you can earn a lot. Any suggestions of where to go in the wintertime? I miss the sun and don't want to spend a lot for a living, also it must be safe.

And I also looking for people who have ideas. I wish to join, I can invest a little (ONLY WHITE HAT). Or people who can help me in any way. I need to find out how to manage all email marketing for free :) Any suggestions? And were you looking for long-tail keywords for amazon or AdSense sites? What is the best way to get quality articles cheap? Maybe you can write? I hope this thread will give motivation and some knowledge for everybody. So see you next Saturday!


Jul 16, 2014
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You will definitely make it, or even more, i suggest you have a bigger goal. You're doing the right thing especially by "automating the process".


Jun 23, 2010
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Good luck, but I think you will have better success if you focus on one thing. Especially since you say you don't have much time on your hands. It's better to grow one store using one traffic source to 100k a month than half ass 10 different methods.


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Nov 9, 2018
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Best of luck to you bud. Keep us updated!