1. zelosog

    [JOURNEY] Starting Onlyfans Agency

    Hi BHW community, I would like to start an OnlyFans agency. Currently, I mainly focus on automating tasks and other things. I earn from automation in MMORPG games, but it's difficult for me to scale. That's why I want to start a bigger business, such as an OnlyFans agency. What i did so far ...
  2. T

    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    Hey Guys, im new to this forum and i see lot of ambitious people sharing their journey and i thought to share mine as well.( this is the very beginning of my journey) i know $1000/month is not a big target, but i haven't done anything like this before so i am keeping small target. i have made a...
  3. masixx

    A simple question needs a simple answer

    A simple question needs a simple answer, I am not good at English so if you want this to be nice and lovely you have to press that back button.I hope you had a good day if you are reading this. I joined blackhatworld(bhw) six months ago if I’m being accurate. By the time I joined I was desperate...
  4. HazeRurouni

    \the most impressive Journey you had read / heard about so far?

    I myself am on a fresh new journey towards true success and independency, I would love to get a 'kickstarting' motivation as well as inspiration from other people's journeys, to learn from others' mistakes as well from their succession, for myself and others here! and so I wondered, What is the...
  5. M

    Journey to 100.000 in Instagram

    Currently Follower: 33,403 Follow: 132 I don't use hastags in Turkey, hastags include ghost users and old people. I need young followers because I want to do affiliate marketing. Engagment: %19,23 6752 like per post
  6. sargonluciano

    [Journey] Becoming a millionaire by March 23, 2023.

    Greetings, Black Hat World community & Co. As the title says, I'm planning to earn my first million euros by March 23, 2023. It's going to be a long journey as you can already tell. I made a decision to create this thread in order to keep myself motivated, as well as to motivate my fellow...
  7. msadax

    Journey to better life starts now!

    Hello everyone! Im 18yo teenager from middle europe country(not so poor, but poor people here dont want to take any action with their lives). I've been watching this site for about 2years. 1 year ago I created my account. Since then my view on the world has changed. By IM i have earned something...
  8. karalis1

    Road To 150$ a day: Instagram + Snapchat Journey

    Hi guys i'm finally starting a new journey on social network, last time i did one it was pretty succesfull BUT i run out of funds after 2 months, and since i had my finish grade exams i had to give up for a while. Since i'm probably getting a scholarship which is pretty much a prize for my hard...
  9. KnowledgeAble

    Journey to Success

    Over the course of 2 months this is what I have been doing: I studied from 9:30 Am to 10:30 Pm EVERY Saturday and Sunday. On weekdays I have school so I studied from 5 Pm to 10:30 Pm EVERY weekday. I Learned things from HTML all the way to things like stocks. I learned many other things too...
  10. GrubbyHat

    Instagram Journey

    @le_doggo_meme was started on the 2nd May has 220 followers and 950 followings @megaspinnergiveaways started 6th May has 230 followers and 550 followings(big hit at the moment seems to be growing wit ease) How fast do you thing i should be growing these seeing as they"re both on the same ip Will...
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