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Jan 20, 2018
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Over the course of 2 months this is what I have been doing:
  • I studied from 9:30 Am to 10:30 Pm EVERY Saturday and Sunday.
  • On weekdays I have school so I studied from 5 Pm to 10:30 Pm EVERY weekday.
    • I Learned things from HTML all the way to things like stocks.
    • I learned many other things too.
  • I formed a group of friends that are good in certain aspects to form ideas.
  • I made a YouTube channel and, made my first video that will be uploaded on Monday.
    • I Learned how to rank high in the YouTube search engines.
  • I then used a app to grow my followers on Instagram.
    • I learned how to get into 100k+ Followers groups without even having a 5k account.
  • I got rid of everything that hindered my ambitions. (toxic friends, Video games, etc, etc)
As of now I'm just at the start but I will succeed no matter how many times I fail and, no, no it does not matter if I get rich tomorrow or in a hundred years. P.S my goal is to be the richest human alive ;) then change the world.

I'll keep everyone updated in the years to come. :)

Great job till now! 100% watching this thread. Good luck!
Business Plan cmplete
over the past weeks changes have occurred.
My group either couldn't handle the work so I decided to let them go or, started their own journey.

I learned that the Instagram algorithm changed after losing a lot of followers.
I applied for my first job to get money to invest into growing my Instagram, getting software, investing into stocks , etc.

Since I'm 16 I found it hard to find any jobs they would pay more then 11$ I succeeded in finding one job that pay's 13.75 a hour I will only have 1,900$ (estimated) by the end of the months if they recruit me. This is very little in my opinion but, of course its better then a lot of the starter jobs.

I'll keep you all updated :)

I finally got myself out of the mass un-follows in Instagram. over time i found out that Instagram was considering my posts at spam if I posted over 6 photos a day. After 3 posts it seems afterwards to lessen my reach.
Also I ended up learning that if you do a story right after you post it seems to farther the reach whether you have hashtags in your story or not.

I got accepted into a program to graduate early !!!!

I'm also still searching for a job (since I realized they only worked during school hours) to get into however, its proven difficult form where I live.

I'll update you all in the future ! :)
Good luck on your money making journey ! One thing tho just use the regular BHW text color instead of the white it hurts my eyes haha
Good luck on your money making journey ! One thing tho just use the regular BHW text color instead of the white it hurts my eyes haha
lol sorry mate, it seems like someone has their brightness too high
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