Road To 150$ a day: Instagram + Snapchat Journey


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Apr 23, 2016
Hi guys i'm finally starting a new journey on social network, last time i did one it was pretty succesfull BUT i run out of funds after 2 months, and since i had my finish grade exams i had to give up for a while.
Since i'm probably getting a scholarship which is pretty much a prize for my hard work this year, i will be able to run massive accounts for a year hopefully, i hope everyone can learn from this journey. So i'm officially back.

I hope that my past experience (botting with instagram since 2015) still works :p

My gear:
  • Followplanner
  • Proxies
  • Patient
  1. Starting with max 5 accounts till October
  2. Once got the scholarship i will jump to 15 and then to 50 accounts to run
  3. Let those accounts grow, drive my adult instagram fanbase to snapchat to earn from CPA
  4. 25 accounts will be sold after 8K which means at least 60-80$ profit per account, the rest will keep growing and i'll sell shotout and help the new 25 accounts to grow faster
I'm probably going to write a book about this journey using latex, i'll describe how to grow accounts in different niches and how to monetize an instagram account, how to brand a channel and how to keep your fanbase active, I'll share the book with all the people that will request me and that will be part of my diary

Account Status
  • Adult 1: 0 Followers (Started 15/08/2018)
  • Adult 2: To Start Soon
  • Adult 3: To Start Soon
  • Travel 1: To Start Soon
  • Motivational 1: To Start Soon
I hope we can learn together :D
i h
Update Day 2. I will use the same snapchat account for every adult account so i can maximize the growth and profit earlier. It's also easier to manage just 1 account
  • Adult 1: 20 Followers
  • Snapchat Account: 2 Follower
  • Adult 2: To Start Soon
  • Adult 3: To Start Soon
  • Travel 1: To Start Soon
  • Motivational 1: To Start Soon
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Good luck bro!
Hope you reach your goal soon, will follow this journey, since i wanted to start one soon, too.
Thanks everyone for the wishes, hope to keep you motivated :)

Actually i'm really surprised about how many followers i'm getting on snapchat even if my only one account is still warming up (less than 100 people followed), this looks interesting for future stats

Have you bought the followliker?. Which proxy are you using?

Actually I use Followplanner, the bot looks really promising even if sometimes it's a bit buggy, but so far it's better and faster than followliker
following and I want to share your book

What network will you work on?

Yes, book guide will be available probably during next months, since my studies are more important and i'm going to write this on my free time. Actully i plan to use crackrevenue but it's still early, i need to grow my accounts first

Good luck! Where do you get the content to post on snapchat? Are you posting every day?

Contents to share can be found on instagram, followplanner comes with a great scraping tool which is actually the feature i like most. i'm posting everyday on instagram but still no posting on snapchat since i need to collect followers first
actually i talked with a person today who has accounts already warmed up and this method is working great, he received tons of request on snapchat over the day

Little Update:

Snapchat banned my account, that's my fault because i used a phone number found on mytrashmobile, I added a new account and this time without phone number, i'm sure this will works fine
Are you using different links in each IG account bio? (different short links all sending to the same SC account)
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