1. ShameMan

    [Journey] Reviving my dead youtube channel

    I have a 3-year old youtube channel with about 110K subscribers. Sadly I'm not pulling in a lot of views anymore as most of my videos have died. I haven't posted consistently on my channel in nearly 2 years. I really need to get a valuable source of income so I've decided to revive my channel...
  2. Sanctioned

    Does AI Content Actually Rank? Let's Find Out!

    Hello guys, I read a couple of threads on Reddit saying they were bringing in 10k to 30k pageviews per day to their website just by targeting low-competition keywords using AI-generated content. so I was like, let's actually run a script and see if they're lying or are they actually making $$$...
  3. Elkhalid

    What is your plan for December ?

    What is your plan for December ?
  4. jacky_brown

    [JOURNEY] 0 to 100 OF model agency challange - fetish niche

    Hey you all, I came with the new wave of fishes into online models management. Sounds like this is something I have been always looking for, still legal but black hat. I will keep it as my personal blog, to stay sane in my actions and on right track. To add additional spice and motivation to my...
  5. P

    PRoCRASTiNATiON brought ME Here...

    I'd really love to remember the amount of introductions I have made on here and other forums, but hello again for the first and final time. BlackhatWorld will now be my final resting place. I have been about the "make money" "Affiliate Marketing" stuff for over 18 years and have made ZERO...
  6. M

    My Learning Journey!

    Hi everyone, Using this space for a bit of a journal on learning SEO. Many years ago I did an SEO course and successfully ranked a friends business, but didn't look further into building a career out of it and moved into other areas of IT. But I'm back! I'm currently setting up two small...
  7. Oleb

    How to be RICH

    Like seriously how do someone become rich, there are millions of methods, tutorial or books "To get rich" is there some kind of pamphlet someone could read or even a tutorial that after you have read it'll be okay now you are heading towards your first millions. Mentally it's hard, when you see...
  8. mangoform

    myrcene journal

    myrcene is a terpene found in mangos. This is a way for me to write more. To work harder. To keep track for myself, progress, and regression. Failures and success. I could do this anywhere else, Im choosing blackhatworld. A shitty situation happened whatever, move on. TLDR: really going to...
  9. hazzi

    Snapchat experiment — From 200 daily views to 2k

    Hey guys I’m here with a experiment to see if I can grow my meme Snapchat account. As of now it gets around 200 views on a daily basis. But I want to get it to 2k daily views to start monetising. Since with Snapchat the monetisation methods are endless. what I will be doing Upload 10 - 20...
  10. NachoMan

    [Journey] 1k paid subs in 1 year for my new SaaS site

    Hi :), I’m creating this journey because I feel like I need to bounce some ideas, get some feedback regarding the decisions I made, and in general, taking this path alone can be a bit overwhelming :confused:. What I have done so far: I created a new site and developed a small software to...
  11. DeymonTheRuthless

    [2020 Youtube Journey] Personal Brand 0 To 100K

    Hope yall are doing good during these crazy times. Anyway, let's just get straight into this! QUICK INTRO My name is Deymon, I'm 19 y/o and I'm growing my personal brand as a video editor. A few weeks ago I won an editing contest organized by a 100K+ YouTube channel which is the reason I've...
  12. evitaerc

    2 websites from $0/day to $200/day+ (because I hate Quarantine)

    This is the beginning of a journey post in which I will take 2 websites from $0/day to $200/day+. I have been trapped in one place during this quarantine and will probably remain here for another couple of months (min). I'm not a fan, which is what is pushing me to begin this journey. I hate...
  13. Deymon

    [2020 Youtube Journey] Road From 0 To 100K

    Hey, what's up BHW Community? I'm Deymon, I've been one of those quiet users on this platform since the beginning of 2018 (learned a lot). Anyway, I'm finally ready to make my first thread and share this hopefully life-changing journey with all of you. BACKSTORY: 2015: Started a YouTube...
  14. V

    [Youtube Journey] The start of my YT Journey

    Hey, what's up, been reading some of these Youtube Journeys on here and decided to give it a try and document it to make myself accountable. I will try to update this thread as much as possible and hopefully help other people who are trying to get into Youtube. BACKSTORY: Started dropshipping...
  15. D

    Advice needed: Selling journals on Shopify vs Amazon

    Hi BlackHatters! It's a crazy world out there right now with all the virus shenanigans and all, so I hope everyone is safe and well. I'm new around here and I'm just in complete awe of the amount of content and community spirit here - it's nice to have such a supportive bunch of folks from all...
  16. mayadd

    My Journey In Selling Kinde Books (E-Books) From Scratch

    Hello my friends! This is my first 100% trial in making an online business by writing ebooks and selling them on Amazon Kindle store. The subject of these books will be based on people's interests, trends and most searched keywords with the lowest competition. I have never done such thing...
  17. Luca Jones

    Porn Reupload Method REDUX - Tips And Tricks For Adult Re-uploading ✅

    Hello my BHW friends! I've been here for some time now and today I've decided to share something useful (hopefully at least some of you that are still starting out may find useful) and some tips for everyone that's doing the famous porn re-uploading method. I have been working in adult since...
  18. A

    [BHW Services Only] Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Site

    Hello all, When I decided to start this Journal, I was a Newbie still. Hopefully, when I look back at this thread, I would no longer be a noob. Objective The aim is to use only BHW services to create an Amazon Affiliate niche site that earns at least $100 monthly. If you are looking to build...
  19. Stardew

    [Journey] Chaturbate + Twitter to survive on a third world country

    Hey guys, I am a 17 year old, trying to make his first bucks online, for that, I will use the good old method of Twitter + Chaturbate :) Might need some help since I am a newbie. What I´ve done so far: Created an account 1 month ago, I am promoting a Chaturbate model who doesn´t have a...
  20. SuperS

    Journey to £10,000+ a month using blogging, affiliate ads and SMM

    About me I made this account when I was in my teens and I've picked up a lot of knowledge here since then but never done much with it. I'd start projects and drop them when they didn't go my way immediately or seemed like too much effort or I found something that I thought would be even...
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