jarvee proxy

  1. voxoto

    How many proxies for 70 accounts?

    How many proxies would you recommend for 70 accounts in jarvee? Lots of love
  2. Iron Sheik

    The Answer To the Jarvee, Automation, and Proxy Mystery?

    Maybe this is not even a mystery to most of you. Perhaps the veteran on here have figured this out months ago. But, I wanted to go ahead and just start a new thread here and create some conversation about this. I have spoken with many different Black Hat users about Jarvee issues and the proxies...
  3. Iron Sheik

    Jarvee, Proxies, and Auto-Post Issues

    Good evening, or good morning if you are on the other side of the globe~ I have been using Jarvee for over a year now and I must say that it has been working out great for me with a particular proxy provider. It has worked so well that I was able to execute 500 follows/unfollows a day with my...
  4. W

    European Proxies

    If for example i reside in greece, and want to use instagram automation, but the nearest "instagram" proxy i canbuy is like France or London, is it safe to run automation? because that would i would be using the account in both greece and france at the same exact time? has anyone tried something...
  5. ThatBritishGuy

    Jarvee repost tool problem???

    So I have been using the jarvee repost tool for the last week or so and I have had various problems that I figured out by tweaking certain things though one thing I remain stuck on is the repost not including the caption on certain posts for certain accounts. I have tried several different...
  6. socialdaddy

    Jarvee x 100 Accounts - PVA - Method search

    Dear BHW, inspired by @proxified and others I decided 2 weeks ago to start my own FanPage/Child Accounts in order to boost my own profile and of course to learn something new. In the following thread I'm searching for some support as of now I'm not managing to get those accounts running...
  7. K

    Please Suggest Best Proxies for Socinator or Jarvee

    Hi, Looking for help to select the best proxies for Socinator or Jarvee automation. Thanks in advance.
  8. Iron Sheik

    Rotating Residential Proxies For Jarvee/Instagram?

    Hey Black Hat World, I have encountered several issues with Jarvee and many people have told me that it may be because I have poor quality proxies. I later discovered in a few threads people mentioning that IG's new update bands Data Center proxies and that you will need to buy a Rotating...
  9. D

    PV by SIM cards in other country

    Hello. I'm new to growing IG accounts by Jarvee. Just started a week ago and got some first bans today. I use 1 proxy per account and SMSPVA phone verification service. I had my limits, filters and posts set carefully but turns out that's not enough to stay safe. I've seen some threads where...
  10. Iron Sheik

    Proxy Error In Jarvee With SSL Private Proxies

    Hey Black Hat World, I started to automate some Follow and Unfollow tasks in Jarvee, but then I received a notification in the Tools section saying, "proxy error (check you proxy in Proxy manager) Unable to connect to the remote server. --An error occurred while sending this request." I am...
  11. Iron Sheik

    Does It Matter What City Your IP Proxy Is In For Jarvee or IG

    Hey Black Hat World, I am a recent user of Jarvee and I am looking to manage a few clients' IG accounts in the future. I am wondering, is it better to have the Proxy IP for a given IG account in a particular city? FOR EXAMPLE: Let's say that there is an owner of a Los Angeles cafe who is...
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