jarvee issues

  1. W

    Jarvee is not stop following people at a certain point error

    Jarvee is not stop following people after 110 follows jarvee stopped following. yesterday it was 17 86 it stopped following, but yet kept unfollowing. there was no blocks from instagram or anything. Have this happend to anyone else?
  2. Iron Sheik

    Instagram Followers DISAPPEAR, Jarvee Issue?

    Hey Black Hat World, I have encountered another issue that may or may not be related to Jarvee. Last week, a client's account with 3,200 followers suddenly lost 80 followers--all at the same time. I thought this may have been because my client worked with another Instagram growth service...
  3. S

    Jarvee Issue/Error

    Any Jarvee experts here? I just wanted to know how to handle this kind of error in my Facebook scheduled posts -> "could not get permalink or group admin validation required" Jarvee said it was successfully posted when it actually was not and I directed it to my FB page to post NOT in group so...
  4. N

    Jarvee multiple comments

    Hi guys, How and where do I set up multiple comments in Jarvee? As a dumb and simple example I want to have let's say - 1st comment "Nice shot", 2nd comment "Awesome", 3rd "Like it!", 4th "Wow!" and so on so Jarvee can can randomly post one of these each time so Instagram doesn't flag me for...
  5. Iron Sheik

    Cheapest/Best SIM Cards For Instagram Verification

    Hey Black Hat World, I am a junior social media marketer and Jarvee user looking for the best and most affordable SIM cards for the purpose of phone verification and posting content on Instagram. To provide a little bit of context-- Initially I used Jarvee as my main tool to schedule posts...
  6. ThatBritishGuy

    Using own IP with Jarvee???

    So I am using a vps running my instagram accounts on jarvee but I want to use my own IP address for a couple of the accounts. I want to put it into the proxy tab and I know the ip address but I don't know the port number. No idea how to find the correct one as there appears to be many of them...
  7. ThatBritishGuy

    Jarvee repost tool problem???

    So I have been using the jarvee repost tool for the last week or so and I have had various problems that I figured out by tweaking certain things though one thing I remain stuck on is the repost not including the caption on certain posts for certain accounts. I have tried several different...
  8. socialdaddy

    Jarvee windows going crazy

    Hey guy's, anybody has the same problem: Opening Jarvee and from there on it's just maximizing and minimizing it self every 3-5 sec. Impossible to work with... Any suggestions how to solve that? #socialdaddy PS: Yes I contacted the support before asking here :)
  9. ThatBritishGuy

    Jarvee reposting tool problems...

    I am seemingly having problems and I think it might be the accounts themselves. I set up a campaign in jarvee and had 4 accounts linked to it so that i could post to all at the same time. For some reason it is saying it is successful in its repost but when you go to instagram it is not there...
  10. Iron Sheik

    Rotating Residential Proxies For Jarvee/Instagram?

    Hey Black Hat World, I have encountered several issues with Jarvee and many people have told me that it may be because I have poor quality proxies. I later discovered in a few threads people mentioning that IG's new update bands Data Center proxies and that you will need to buy a Rotating...
  11. P

    Jarvee Yellow Icon

    Hey, i got a little questions about the jarvee follow tool. Sometimes in the Tools section the "i" turn yellow. When i point my cursor at it it says "No more results for source xxx". Does this mean that there are no results for any of the sources or does it mean only no more results for the...
  12. P

    Jarvee Question about poor quality sources

    Hi i am growing some accounts on jarvee. In the follow section there is an option "Remove poor quality sources" How do you handle this feature? And if it says remove after xx follows does it mean xx follows from one source or xx follows in total. Thank you!
  13. Iron Sheik

    Jarvee Issue: Published Posts Don't Appear

    Hey Jarvee and Instagram users, I have been experiencing issues with Jarvee's campaign posts for one of my accounts--when I publish the posts, they do not appear on my Instagram account. One of my accounts successfully published 3 posts from Jarvee, but the others posts I tried to publish...
  14. Iron Sheik

    Instagram Posts Disappearing

    Hey guys so I recently started using Jarvee to automate some Instagram accounts. I have not had a single issue in terms of performing actions such as auto-follow/unfullow. I recently started to schedule some posts though and the first few have been fine, but this last one I just posted has...
  15. Iron Sheik

    Does It Matter What City Your IP Proxy Is In For Jarvee or IG

    Hey Black Hat World, I am a recent user of Jarvee and I am looking to manage a few clients' IG accounts in the future. I am wondering, is it better to have the Proxy IP for a given IG account in a particular city? FOR EXAMPLE: Let's say that there is an owner of a Los Angeles cafe who is...
  16. S

    jarvee like button block

    Hey guys! Big help needed. So I am running Jarvee on very modest settings, but somehow it keeps blocking my liking feature and I am not sure why. I am using proxies from Highproxies. I could use some help on this big time on little things i may be missing or unaware of?! Helppppp! thanks in...
  17. D

    jarvee unfollow issue

    i just started 5 trial pack for my instagram journey , but when i hit the unfollow button kinda didn't work , the dashboard show me that there is no user to unfollow at the moment , anyone knw have to fix it and help me here , Thanks in advance
  18. O

    Jarvee- Spam Tag Comment Block

    I have been getting a notification that "comments are blocked- these type of comments not allowed" while trying to tag 5-6 people per comment for 100 comments a day on the same picture using Jarvee. I am using syntax spin and am under the limits for @ in a single comment. I have tried numerous...
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