1. T

    When people search for my profile, I don't appear until they have completed it.

    Hello everyone. On instagram, if someone wants to find me, they have to put my full nickname ''example tortillamaster_'' if they only put ''tortillamaster'' I don't appear, they have to put until the end _ . It's weird because I have more (real) followers than the other accounts called...
  2. S

    paypal issues

    Hi guys im a dropshipper and i use paypal to recieve payments but all my accounts get limit when i recieve first 500$ can any one help me with the limits issues ?! thank u
  3. DVLM5654

    Facebook Ads loophole !!!

    My competitor can spy on my leads! I'm using a form on a dark post. How even this's possible ??
  4. Dark Hat 007

    Google Indexing Issues - Help?

    Initially, the big G's were indexing my posts in split seconds after submitting it to my GSC. For like a week now, its taking them forever to index new contents after submitting it multiple times in GSC. PLEASE HAVE YOU HAD SUCH EXPERIENCE BEFORE, WHAT DO YOU THINK COULD BE WRONG? As much as...
  5. M

    Followliker and Twitter no longer working?

    Im trying to grow twitters with followliker, used it for instagram with really not many issues. Just got the unlimited subscription plan for twitter yesterday, got some accounts from hq-accounts and am using proxies from anonymous-proxies. net I have about 10 accounts on followliker right now...
  6. R. V. Datmir

    The Great Black Hat Question

    Everybody here is interested in Black Hat tactics to win online sales, but nobody starts with it without reason, so I ask this question, what sort of business are you in and why did you turn to black hat marketing?
  7. Damian Uzcanga

    Problem with time between activities (followliker)

    Greetings friends of BHW , I write this post , to know if I am the only one affected , in the general settings , I place 22-28 Minutes , and the Followliker performs the activity in 3-6 Minutes (ignoring the time limit set by me) this happens after the update , I would like to know if only I...
  8. KJREDDY247@

    Need Help: Multipart Content-Type is causing the issue with the mail

    I was checking about my mail deliverability issues with the hosting provider they sent me this. Can someone please help me with this issue: Does anyone have any idea about this "The parameter Multipart Content-Type is causing the issue with the mail. In the case of multiple part messages, in...
  9. cpnfnz

    Jarvee - Action Blocked / Instagram & Proxies client help!

    Hello all - hope you've all had a great week. I run a number of Instagram accounts from Jarvee, and recently my clients have started receiving 'action blocked' warnings when giving out likes - not the end of the world, especially when I've got 10 plus accounts doing 800 follow / unfollow a...
  10. Johnny83

    PayPal taking 5 days to "review" my documents but documents are fake what should I do?

    My PayPal account was limited with around $1200 in it. I got my documents from @secondeye and paypal did confirmed my ID (which was fake but, also great so thank you secondeye) but they seem to have been reviewing my proof of adress which was also fake and from secondeye for almost 5 days or 3...
  11. dkbq

    $1000 REWARD! Credit card issues help!

    We have been running some credit card submit campaigns in Scandinavia and France. Our transactions have some problems with “issuing bank” from our acquirer. When we open a new GEO the problem disappears within a short period of time. It’s like starting from a fresh when we open a new GEO. How...
  12. Danny Crypto

    Xvideos getting stucked on 97 percent :/

    Uploading on xvideos and it's getting stucked on 97,98 and sometime even on 99 and it's stucked like this. My IP is blocked and I'm using free vpn to interact with the upload page of xvideos. Anyone who had this issue can you provide me with some solutions ?
  13. B

    After adding whitelist, FL keeps trtying to follow them and then skips

    Hey guys, new to the forum and FL for that matter and am having difficulties. So I set everything up last night (did not add whitelist yet) and everything was functioning smoothly. Today I added all the people I follow to the whitelist to avoid FL from unfollowing them in the future. Ever since...
  14. nwide

    Instagram BOT - We need a real solution ( Like and issue )

    Hello everyone. we are a pro-SMM team, we work with a Bot on Instagram. As we all know, games have changed since September, and the issues are so many. The problems we have encountered in the last two months were: Can't-do like posts (or very few like) / Important daily slowdowns I want you...
  15. shadow5

    Recent FL (followliker) issues

    Is anyone else seeing a ton of new errors/issues with FL recently? I've been keeping an eye on BHW over the past week but I'm not seeing any real threads on straighforward issues... more alternatives to other services getting shut down. I've got a few accounts getting errors. (before last...
  16. Emil16

    Copyright issues exposing a software via web

    I have concerns about copyright issues and i cannot find the right answer. I would like to buy a software and exposing it's functionality via a web site. For instance: i have bought a .rar activator from company A, installed it on my server and exposed it's functionality via my website. People...
  17. P

    Unable to like photos on 3rd party sites. Has this happened to anyone else?!

    Hi, I am having issues liking photos through Websta or other 3rd party sites. I recently got banned from liking photos for a day but I now have access again. Has anyone faced this issue? Can you help me figure out why I am allowed to like photos through instagram but not through Websta or other...
  18. Aliciaxfit

    SEO issues

    I bought this domain, it has two old links that are linking in on Alexa. However, I submitted my site to a couple directories and started adding content in October of this year. The links are not showing up when I check on Alexa. So today, I'm kind of frustrated with this. Links should...
  19. dadePOST

    After update issue

    After the update, it doesn't always show how many people replied to my posts or how many people viewed my posts when I go under my Postings Tab.
  20. iLatvian

    Got a question

    Does any one know a good guide how to design wordpress theme and set it up right with nice design? And how long did it take for you guys to start making profit?
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