1. WhizBee

    SetApp premium subscription free for 30 days.

    Go to Enter code: BLOGGINGDUDE Setapp usually offers 7 days of trial. With the above code, you will get it free for the first 1 month. Make sure to cancel subscription before 30 days to avoid getting charged. they send two email reminders before charging though.
  2. Luca Jones

    Looking for android installs ONLY that do not drop

    Hello, We are currently looking for android installs. We have tried some "popular" ones around, but most of them drop after a while. Please let me know if you can provide android installs that do not drop. Thanks!
  3. R

    iOS Jailbreak Dev

    Looking for a iOS Jailbreak Dev to replace a camera stream with a pre-recorded MP4 so I can stream pre-recorded streams to Tik Tok Live
  4. IOS passive

    How do you increase organic installs for a winning IOS app?

    Hello everybody, I have an IOS app that's doing extremely well conversion-wise. on average it's getting 21 installs/day and making $12/day(from new users only, didn't calculate old users' revenue). I think I am sleeping on money by not increasing the organic traffic, I did run Apple search ads...
  5. michiosha1

    Any reliable iOS / App Store reviews seller / panel ?

    It looks like there is no well-known and trusted service like this on BHW. I've checked previous posts asking for things like these and they were mostly spammed by people offering their services via skype/dm (many of them got banned after some time). Sorry, but I'd not risk ban ordering hundreds...
  6. A

    iPhone Anti Detect Browsers

    Hello, I am looking for a good Anti Detect Browser for my iPhone. Can someone recommend me a browser? Regards
  7. nakamura

    ⭐ [eBook] Rank & Earn Money on Autopilot with High-Revenue Mobile Apps & Games ⏩ Create AdMob & Developer Accounts ✅ No Coding Required ❌

    Ultimate Guide on How to Rank and Earn Money with Free iOS & Android Games and Apps within 4 Weeks. No Coding Required. This eBook filled with strategies and step-by-step methods is going to explain how I made more than $100k from apps and games within 3 years. Currently earning a passive...
  8. Mr.montez

    [Help] can someone help me please with building the IOS version of my flutter app? The app is already developed and android build is successful

    Hello BHW can someone with MAC PC and help me generate the IOS version of the my app please? Thanks in advance
  9. U

    iPhone Proxy Tiktok App

    hey, I hope this is the right place to post this thread. i'm currently trying to use a 4 or 5g USA mobile proxy over my iPhone which works but I cant open the tiktok app, does anyone know what to do about that? how can I use both the proxy and the app? would appreciate the help of someone...
  10. R

    Clone apps for tiktok on ios 16

    I’m struggling to figure out how to clone tiktok for multiple times to use different accounts on each of the cloned app. I know that it is made via developer mode and without jailbreak. Help please
  11. L

    Looking for iOS bot-holder

    Hello. I do not sell anything. I just want to find a partner with iOS bot. I have lots of USA apple accs, and we can work together. I do not sell accs, just want to find a partner. Also i have lots of iOS apps and games which we can promote.
  12. L

    Hello! I am Alex. Looking for iOS installs

    Hey! My name is Alex! I have many iOS apps and clients with apps. Also i have lots of iOS accounts, and want to find bot holders and work together!
  13. N1ckG2

    ⭐❤️ Make Money Guide ❤️⭐ ▶️ Rank & Bank ▶️ APPs & Mobile Games ✅ on iOS ✅ & Google Play ⛔️ 40% OFF ⛔️

    Learn How to Rank & Bank APPs & Mobile Games on iOS & Google Play in 60 Days on Less! Make Money with APPs & Games Even if You Can't Code! Original BST: Use Coupon code...
  14. B

    Bots for ios

    Hello there, I'm looking for a programmer who has the possibility to program a bot that can automate processes on multiple ios devices. Expected processes would be login and out of an app, completing tasks like following, liking pictures, writing comments, etc. If there is a possibility to make...
  15. TheEnginner

    Journey to $100/month with iOS Apps

    Hey everyone. I am happy to be part of this great community. To introduce myself, I am a full stack developer. During long years, I have been publishing Android apps, without real big success. My main incomes comes from freelancing until now (Fiverr, Upwork) and app/website flipping with Flippa...
  16. Ricostrong

    Ios Issue Or...

    Hi all. when i had iphone xs didnt have this problem,now in my 13Pro the issue is id like to call is that for example u are in facebook or ig etc, and for a moment u didnt touch nothing but somehow got into camera and opens got the latest Version tried to clean smth but nothing happend is there...
  17. hunterzoho


    I'm searching for a company providing Real device Android + IOS and when I try to use 4g or 5g proxies I find these results
  18. hunterzoho

    I'm searching for a company providing Real device Android + IOS and when i try to use 4g or 5g proxies i find this results

    I'm searching for a company providing Real device Android + IOS and when I try to use 4g or 5g proxies I find these results
  19. Patchy420

    Best courses for app development IOS & Android

    What are the best paid/free courses to learn app development for beginners from A-Z? From uploading the app to keyword research to monetizing it and shows all Pros and cons
  20. hunterzoho

    Which company provide iphey trustworthy reuslts while using 4g or 5g proxies with real device service?

    I'm searching for a company providing Real device Android + IOS and when i try to use 4g or 5g proxies i find this results
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