1. StarKrypt

    SaaS Business: Startup Cost, General Internet Marketing Strategies, Top SaaS business niche + White Label SaaS

    Hi BlackHatWorld Forum Viewers! I'm StarKrypt, Let's move through the introduction (you can skip this)! # SaaS Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. Common examples are email, calendaring, and office tools (such as Microsoft...
  2. flexxedmywayout

    No connection in browsers when using any proxy

    Hello guys so i have 2 questions, whenever i try to connect into a proxy server ip / port i get no connection in any browsers. i tried multiple proxies it just wont work. second question where is the difference with a proxy server, and a proxy ip. in the extension i need to put a website, in my...
  3. seelyaftini

    Why do people not succeed despite having access to everything they need in the current world? I need a convincing answer, not a simple one!!

    I know some answers but I still don't understand because currently I just gotten started working online and I see everything is available that sometimes not sometimes always make me fail, because I think why everything is available on the internet and I still see people complaining and working...
  4. D

    Anonymous Secure Internet

    Hello, Is there any service which provide sims anonymously whose internet works in all countries .. Looking for some anonymouse secure internet service.
  5. TaylerColley


    I sell an ebook "about how to open an approved cpabuild account" for just 1$. this sale was on FaceBook, the funny is I'm very happy because this is my first sale on the internet (in 2032 also) how much did it cost your first sale on the internet?
  6. Freedom$

    Making Money Online.

    If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few hours, you’ve likely seen at least one advertisement teaching you how to make thousands of dollars a minute, working from your underwear, in the comfort of your own home. These ads are so ridiculously popular that if you’re like most people, you...
  7. Rollfic

    Do you trust domain registrars? BE HONEST !

    Every online business needs domain. If remembered correctly, I think it was GoDaddy who spied on user's name search and instantly registered good names. There are also topics about it on google. So, if one registrar can do this, then why not others? Then there's online tools like domaintyper...
  8. C

    [Nature Entry Video] Monetising Entry videos of a BLOG

    Hi, I've made Free blogger BLOG with 10-15 posts. I am having an Entry video when someone visits the BLOG Initially. My question is how can i monetize this entry video. BLOG's URL: Thanks CP
  9. D

    Building an adult store

    I mainly write adult lesbian ebooks with cartoons inside, no platform allowed me to upload this type of content. I was banned from KDP and Kindle for that content. Recently I opened a store in iwantclips and I could upload at least 4 of my ebooks and an animated lesbian movie. But unfortunately...
  10. 0liveirafelp

    [Journey] Yesterday, 06/05/2021 I resigned from my service that I had been working for 4 years

    I will report here my entire journey! I'm broke with just a credit card. It is all I have! I'm going to invest all my credit in FB ads with direct traffic to the sales pages. I am promoting 1 Plr product in the relationship niche... I hope you are with me in this decision of my life... I will...
  11. D

    What do you think about a warning that "cryptocurrencies will cause the next financial crisis'?

    I read this article today link that says something interesting. “Cryptocurrencies will cause the next financial crisis. When you look back over the past few decades and look at all the financial crises that have occurred" What do you think guys?
  12. Bloodseeker

    Reddit Funeral

    Y'all been screaming about getting your account suspended. Reddit doesn't even forgive itself!
  13. Mr.Toto

    Why do they want to make the Internet secure?

    When my friends and I started with the topic of a safe Internet, most of them said that the Internet should be completely free of speech, while others believed that the Internet should be completely secure. What do you think about this? .... Sorry for the mistakes, I am writing through a...
  14. K

    Youtube SEO

    Hey guys. What are the best practices on youtube for having good SEO? Please, exclude these as I know them already: Tags High-resolution thumbnail Hearted, pinned comment 20-60 characters in the title 300+ characters in the description Cards End screens Reply to a comment Shared on FB Added to...
  15. 5ung1

    Making 10-30$ per day

    Hello guys, lets say i want easy money like second job, can someone give me some advices or tips which is the best option to start on 1st of May with work. I was offline 1 year from internet sales and monetizations, now im back in the game
  16. Max Kirschner

    [Rant]I hate false promises of internet riches

    I hate being poor Whatever I do on the internet to make money, it fades away. I have no idea how you can get rich on the internet. I write a blog post and after some time nobody comes anymore, not to mention buy my products on the website, be it affiliate or not. Once a week someone comes to...
  17. onlinefreefilms

    How to delete my internet footprint (Get my privacy back) ?

    After watching the documentaries 'The great hack' and 'The social dilemma' made me think how can i use the internet anonymously and protect myself and my privacy data? Also what can i do to delete all or most of my internet footprint? If i delete my instagram and facebook accounts will my...
  18. Starblazer

    Complete map of internet from 1973

    This is the complete map of internet (yes, all of it) from 1973.
  19. Max Kirschner

    How would you make a good income without giving up your privacy and identity?

    What I mean by this is quite simple: anyone who talks about establishing their own brand also talks about representing their brand personally. So you should reveal your identity, present yourself on the internet, even if you risk being associated with it on the street in public. Most people who...
  20. Farid Primadi

    Hi fellow guys... my name is Farid Primadi

    I want to introduce myself... my name is Farid Primadi, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia (please forgive me if my English is bad ), and I have been making money online since 2009 (but I'm far from being expert), and I still willing to learn new things. For me, the Internet was the greatest thing...
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