internation seo

  1. proofoflife

    Does server location effect site speed

    Hi Guys I have a site that loads quickly in the UK, but loads really slow in Japan. The only thing i can think of, is that server is in the UK - Would that really have that much of an impact? Thanks
  2. D

    How to target different countries?

    Hey Guys, I have to do international SEO for my website. Target Locations are India, Singapore and Malaysia. Please guide me to do this. Thanks
  3. jeffro89

    Newb SEO question - Part 2

    Hey guys back with another question that is confusing me. I bought a (.online) domain with the plan of ranking a Click Bank product in the Serps. This product is targeting English speakers only. So how the heck does international SEO work? When searching for low comp keywords do i focus on...
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