Newb SEO question - Part 2


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Sep 12, 2015
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Hey guys back with another question that is confusing me.

I bought a (.online) domain with the plan of ranking a Click Bank product in the Serps. This product is targeting English speakers only.

So how the heck does international SEO work?
When searching for low comp keywords do i focus on USA results or collate results from all English speaking countries that i have chose to target ?.

Obviously i know that the keyword estimated volumes will be different for each GEO. What are other CB SEO's doing?

You all just targeting one country or all the English speaking countries?

Am I shooting myself by targeting all English countries, is it a case of do it in one Geo then replicate?.

Oh SEO gurus please enlighten the...
You might want to check these out, mate:
I hope they help :)
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