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  1. jiya raichand

    Facebook Page for Adult Products

    Hi all, I saw many of my competitors crated fb business page for adult products. And those all fb pages are old one and recent one too. But whenever i create for my client its getting blocked. How come ? Earlier after creating pages its working for 1 week , 1 months. But now adays just after...
  2. jiya raichand

    Ahref Temporary link 307 meaning

    Hi, I was just checking my site in ahref (The Best Pages by Incoming Links) this section so i noticed its showing 307 redirection for some of my pages. Can you please tell me what is this and is it a big issue. Somehow i checked in google but didn't get many ideas. Thanks :)
  3. jiya raichand

    SEPT 2020 Google Update.

    Hi all, Did anyone notice any sudden ranking drops for the respective sites ? In the search console, I noticed a sudden drop in ranking for some of my site. Please confirm. Thanks :)
  4. MasterYocheese

    Hello Ladies And Gentlemen

    What's up everybody My name's alex, and I'm obviously new here. I'm a 20 year old physics student, interested in business and specifically in affiliate marketing. I've been trying the best I could, as a starter, to create a good income with clickbank, from facebook and quora ads, to facebook...
  5. C

    <html> <header><title>Hello World</title></header></html>

    Hello everyone at BHW! I've been introduced to this space by my manager/mentor. I'm here to learn about IM, SEO and SEM while understanding how this world works. Thanks, C
  6. ber_92

    Monetize high-converting website with affiliate links

    Hello .. Here is my new website. I'm looking to make it a super high-converting website to generate sales from my affiliate links that i have in the articles. I'm struggling as to how to monetize my website and bring targeted traffic that would buy affiliate products i have. I'm looking for...
  7. M

    My Journey to 1M$

    HI I have started a new journey. Ok, I will start everything from beginning. My name is Amine , i'm from Algeria , and i'm 18 yo . yesterday i started new website and my target is 1M$ (i know it will take some time may be more than 1 year but i hope i can make 20k before the end of 2020. So...
  8. B

    Affiliate marketing Am I missing something?

    Ok so I get Wordpress I get hosting I get the content for the website I buy an seo package to get traffic & I set up the landing pages on the website and of course collect the emails but saying it like this just sounds too easy can someone fill me in on what I’m missing? I don’t wanna do all of...
  9. AGIT2020

    hey there

    Hello ina outta space My name is j4y and i want to introduce myself to the board, 30 years old - netguy / web designer / sales man and musician from germany, sorry 4 my bad english - peace to all nerds and all lovely people in here .... hope i don't get hacked here :D :D :D - bad blackhats ;)...
  10. Tagmo

    Blog Commenting Sites DA 30+

    Brothers and sisters use this website to build your own backlinks which related to your niche in order to get a fruitful results
  11. Tagmo

    19 Free Classified Ads to get backlinks

    Free Classified Ads website with Authority 60 + 69 69 68 67 67 66 65 65 65 65
  12. Jacob Martin

    Making money from website,YT channel and social accounts

    Hi My Name is Jacob Martin. I am a member in Blackhatworld for more than 8 years bu every time I forgot my user ids as well as password and it become tough to restore my forum account. This Time I copied and paste all my user ids and passwords in a notepad so that I can’t face such type of issue...
  13. wikimaldives

    Should we use keywords as anchor text when we do link building?

    I really wanna know whether its effective to use keywords as an anchor text when link building.
  14. Tanay Kumar Das

    How to do SEO for Small websites with big goals?

    A search engine optimization involves thousands of actions that are required to be planned and executed in a proper manner. In most cases, it has been found that people give up their idea of investing in SEO services. But the reality is quite different from your imagination. You can improve the...
  15. realankitsingh1

    Looking for Publisher

    Hi, Actually am looking for a publisher who can provide me USA / Canada Traffic. I need traffic on a daily basis but it should be real traffic not any kind of proxy or traffic exchange or any kind bot traffic. If you have real traffic then pm, i will make payout on every two day. i can make...
  16. SeoProMatt

    Forming a Business Question

    Hey guys, I currently have 2 Affiliate Marketing sites. One makes me about $1,000/month and the other is up and down like crazy while I'm trying to rank it so anywhere from $0-$3,000/month. Like Last month Site 1: $1,180 and site 2: $690 but the month before that Site 1: $1,067 and site 2...
  17. SeoProMatt

    SEO - Something Weird is Happening

    Hey guys, I'm confused. My SEO position is going up but my impressions is tanking? Is it just a coincidence? I've been working my ass off to rank my site but idk whats going on.
  18. SeoProMatt

    SEO Affiliate Marketing Question....Help!

    Hey guys. My affiliate site right now is making about $1,000 per month. This $1,000 is coming mostly from my large social media and posting the links on forums. My question is, should I start doing SEO on my own or get a service to do it for me? I will be extremely busy for the next year...
  19. SeoProMatt

    SEO Advice Needed

    Hey guys. My affiliate site right now is making about $1,000 per month. This $1,000 is coming mostly from my large social media and posting the links on forums. My question is, should I start doing SEO on my own or get a service to do it for me? I will be extremely busy for the next year...
  20. M

    May i use PBNs for getting rank higher in Search Engine

    Help me, to take decision that may i use PBN or not?