internal linking

  1. savobaby

    Internal linking is a must

    The site is 3 months old. Only built branded web 2.0's (and post manually written content every month or so) which link back to my site. Since it's sort of a micro-niche site, I was able to link ALL of my pages together internally, all extremely relevant. After the internal linking, my site...
  2. curious_

    Internal vs external links

    Hey guys, I run a мedium publication with a few hundred articles. I have pretty good internal linking pointing to my key pages, Trying to make a good linking structure. And I have a decent amount of good external links too. Everything seems fine and the articles rank ok, but my competitor that...
  3. E

    Internal linking between 2 pages. question...

    Is it ok to link : internal linking from "Page A" to "Page B" and from "Page B" to "Page A"? Page A is a " best of " list of items blog article. And Page B is an individual product review.
  4. kurosaki4d

    Question about Link Juice

    Hi Everyone, I have a couple of articles on which I have some internal links towards other articles. My questions are the following: Are the links in the header menu or the footer of the page take away from the juice of the article by spreading it? Do the outbound links coming out of my...
  5. homeriscool

    Internal Linking Anchor Text - Does it Matter?

    Hi all, I've got some blog posts that have a lot of links pointing back to them and I want to link to other internal pages from these particular blog posts. The problem is, anchor text. It doesn't fit into the post naturally. I just want to pass link juice to other internal pages. Is this an...
  6. Josh Saga

    Anybody have experience with Link Whisper?

    Here to ask if you have experience with this internal linking tool Planning on getting one but still on the fence Probably just vote it for the FestingerVault as well Thanks, Josh
  7. Josh Saga

    Pillar Content Question

    Hello Dears, Here to ask, to create topical clustering, should I only link TO my Pilar Content from other supporting articles? or Should I also link FROM the Pilar Content to my supporting articles? Thanks, Josh xoxo
  8. KittyTheArchitect

    Ranking a Solicitors Firm website | Local SEO + Internal Linking suggestions?

    Hi Working on one of my client’s website and they require to improve their local SEO. They also want to rank for "solicitors near me" or "local solicitors" keywords. Wondering what do you think about this structure and if you have any suggestions? Level 2:
  9. T

    Internal Linking for SEO: best practices, strategies, axioms

    Kevin Indig is back at it again with another guide We know Internal links are the most powerful SEO lever you control 100% after content. This guide explains every little aspect of it: best practices, strategies, and axioms. After finished, you’ll be able to optimize your internal linking...
  10. Mymusic

    Is it a schema or something else and how to implement it on my website?

    Simple question, please see the attached image below and please let me know what is it? Is it a schema or something else and how to implement it on my website? I am trying to find this for a long time but no one is able to tell me exactly what it is? If you see in the above search you will...
  11. seo3897

    Internal link to canonicalized pages

    Hi guys! my question is about internal link in a quite big ecommerce, more ore less 150 product categories and thousands of products. Every category has some filter the user can add to filter the products in page; the filtered pages have this URL...
  12. Misan

    one shot interlinking...

    Hi metes, i have an issue on my site. recent URL(interlinking)- i want to make it - before it was fine. but i don't know how it got changed all interlinking automatically after migrated to another hosting. might be there is some issue with the...
  13. T

    Internal Linking Tip - Check your competitors

    A short and simple process to optimize your internal links based on your competitors already optimized pages. Here is the process: Get your keyword Do a google search Get the best pages from your competitors Grab the internal links Check out the anchor text and make a list of the ones you...
  14. A

    Advice about affiliate site and internal linking.

    Hi guys, sorry about my English, I would like to ask you something. I have an amazon affiliate site that I have created with woocommerce plugin in wordpress. The structure of the site is: I have a page named shop, and inside there I have categories, and inside categories products. Example...
  15. new_don

    Best way to do internal linking

    Hi, We have around 100 reviews on our website in around 10 categories and i am looking a best way to do internal linking of the review posts. And what will be the anchor text ratio?
  16. S

    Internal Linking Question

    Internal Linking Question: Say one is ranking on page one for "best holiday gifts", but isn't in the top 3 results, what is the best way to use internal linking for better ranking (if at all it makes a difference) - Send internal links from any relevant page of the website (let's say 20+) to...
  17. M

    SEO Service Added Internal Links - Articles Now Read Like Crap, Keep?

    I hired an SEO service to improve a site. Before the work, all pages were Yoast green for readability and SEO. The SEO service added huge amounts of internal links to the articles by adding random sentences that contain internal links. The articles had internal links previously, a few each...
  18. Danquids

    Should I use Do Follow link or No Follow link for internal linking?

    Should I use Do Follow link or No Follow link for internal linking, like for related posts etc. or Does it even matter?
  19. Q

    Internal keyword anchors to homepage?

    Do you guys internally link to your homepage using main keywords? I've had trouble ranking for my main term for a while (homepage only). Currently 7/6th, previously 1st-3rd. I suspect google doesn't like something we're doing as we still strongly rank for our internal pages (similar terms)...
  20. LucasL

    Question about architecture

    Hi, I hope you're having a good day ;) It may be a stupid question but it still bothers me.. For google to identify the structure of my site, is the internal linking enough? Is it the only thing google takes into consideration (for architecture only)? Or do URLs play an important role in the...