internal link building

  1. Deadlight

    [Journey] Reaching 1,000+ Visitors A Day In 90 Days With A Fresh Domain And NO Backlinks!

    Introduction Hello! I have been on this forum for a while and realized I never started a journey thread. I am looking to build a new income stream by the end of this year that can take over my current full-time work. I obviously want to grow much more than 1k visitors per day, but I want to...
  2. Andrewbar

    Very few pages with internal links

    I have a 6-7 month old adult site with 1.5k posts. The sites has a lot of interlinks from category pages and paginations to posts, but in GSC in the internal links report I only have about 70 pages that have internal links. Anyone know why this happens or had a similar problem? I only have...
  3. Purush

    wordpress auto internal link creation? Which plugin you recomend.

    Hello Friends, Anybody using it. I though of using the below link also worried about going overdo when we go by automation. Whats your take on it.
  4. zero.position

    how find internal link building Competitors

    Hi BHW, how find internal link building Competitors?
  5. imonboss

    Can I aggressively interlink Pages from Pages, or Posts from Posts?

    Let me clear that out for you. Suppose I have 14 money contents on my site. What I have seen so far that couple of exact match type interlinking to a money content actually boosted its ranking and without any backlink it came within top 15. Few Strong PBN links will secure its position in top...
  6. I

    Automated Internal Linking Tools and SEO

    Hello everyone, so i currently have a website in indonesian language with ~200 articles worth 1-2k words each. For the past month i've been churning out a lot of content that relates to older content. To ease internal linking, i used the internal link juicer plugin to automate my internal link...
  7. seo3897

    Internal link to canonicalized pages

    Hi guys! my question is about internal link in a quite big ecommerce, more ore less 150 product categories and thousands of products. Every category has some filter the user can add to filter the products in page; the filtered pages have this URL...
  8. R

    Internal Link Issue & GSC Crawl Stats Issue

    Hello BHW folks, I am currently suffering with the following issue. please help me. Problem 1: My GSC shows 34,605 total internal links and the website homepage has 1600+ Internal links. Is this too much? Do I need to decrease it? Do this too many internal links impacts on my ranking? Note...
  9. seocrab

    [Guide] How to use a silo structure on affiliate sites in 2019

    A quick note from seocrab Hey everyone, I've been having a good month and decided to give back to the community with another in-depth guide, this time on siloing content (see the previous beginner's guide to free keyword research). I've tried to make this as accessible to newbies as possible...
  10. Ashway

    [looking for suggestion] on page

    Hi, can i post a target keyword article on an ecommerce homepage by hiding it behind "read more" will it help rank it? see image for reference. also do i need to create a keyword rich article below every product page or should i create article in blog section and redirect to my product page...
  11. Martin Hagen

    Internal linking advice

    Hi everyone! Currently setting up a new website for our already existing business. I have it set up with a blog to rank for keywords, and I also have a section on our page for our previous projects. I was planning on linking all the project categories to its related blog article. Since there...
  12. E

    Funneling to a squeeze page with tracking

    Hi, i was wondering if it is ok to track where your clicks are coming from like this: these would be the internal backlinks from article one and article two, that point to the Main Article. Is there any SEO reason why this is a...
  13. T

    [TIP] I Restored My Rankings By Fixing The Internal-Links Anchors

    A small tip, We all know that this way of internal linking works so good. "Best Smartphones" -Main article- "Samsung S9 Review" - Individual review - "iPhone 8 Review" - Individual review - Etc.. as much as you can And then you create internal links from the individual reviews to the main...
  14. T

    QUESTION About Internal Linking for Best X Products

    Hi guys/gals, If I have a Best X Products article. Let's say: 10 Best Smartphones. If I do an individual review for each smartphone, Article (1): Iphone X review Article (2): OnePlus 5t review etc for all smartphones. and linked from these 10 individual reviews for the main article (10 Best...
  15. starplayer

    How Important is your Internal linkbuilding strategy for SEO ?

    Internal linking may not be as important or as powerful as external link building, but it’s well worth your investment of time and effort ? Let me know Regards, Star Player*