instagram proxies

  1. N

    How do Instagram download sites work?

    Does anybody has any idea how do Instagram download sites like, or work? Thing is I get they are using proxies but Instagram requires login for stories and they have tens of thousands of users every day and It’s very trivial for Instagram to ban...
  2. ProxyLTE

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  3. D

    What is the available and reliable proxy provider for instagram?

    I am looking for proxy to help me in scraping data from instagram api without getting IP blocked. May i know what are the available option out there? Any suggestion?
  4. hehe2444

    [POLL] How can Social Media sites detect that your using Data center proxies?

    Comment bellow your Other oppinion
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  6. thetrustedzone

    [Attention] To proxy sellers and instagram marketers

    Something I got multiple PMs about and also noticing in BHW posts ... Instagram accounts banning and Instagram proxies ...etc here is my 2 cents : Instagram has IPs database check against ... usually, they know if you are using proxy or not but not always. when they detect you using a proxy...
  7. Alle155

    What proxies are recommended for growing Instagram accounts?

    Hello blackhatworld, what proxies are recommended for jarvee growing instagram accounts? 4g proxies are to expensive but is there any other proxies that works as good?
  8. fxmanaged

    Never seen this before! Blanket Shadowban ⚡

    This is a first time for me! Let me know if you guys have seen this before. We run a physical retail store in Miami and have 4 Instagram pages (the main corporate page where we post original products and 3 other pages where we curate viral content and give credit to the original pages behind...
  9. GOSO

    Proxies for Instagram Scraping

    Anyone know of any rotating proxy services for getting data from Instagram. It won't be used to automate or anything. Just to get the latest post details and that's it. Thanks
  10. Chris.Roark

    Research: How Much Proxy Bandwidth Uses An Instagram Account

    Hi guys, while this is related to proxies, I think it's best I post it here because many of you use bandwidth-priced proxies on Instagram (such as 4G or residential proxies). TL:DR findings: an account on IG, via Jarvee uses up to 2.4 MB of data for: Account Setup - 6.9 MB (tried login several...
  11. machhinegan

    About IG 4G proxies

    Hi, I have something problem with proxies. Everyone says if you want to run a few Instagram accounts on PC, you need to provide unique proxies for each Instagram account. Is it possible to host them by myself? Means buy a 4G sim card, and then PC connect wifi via hotspot? Or need to do some...
  12. PrestigeUK

    PRESTIGE PROXIES | 4G / LTE U.K. Based Social Media Proxies | Dedicated Raw | Unlimited Bandwidth

  13. helloeddy

    What's the best way to setup a 4G/LTE Rotating Proxy Server at Home?

    I manage about 15 different Instagram accounts and I'm tired of using other people's mobile proxies that are likely to be shared with so many other people. I'm getting each of my accounts getting the Instagram notification saying they know they're using a growth service. I'd like to set up my...
  14. illusory

    Premium 4G LTE Proxies. USA, Unlimited, Massive IP Pool, Raw, Rotating, API

    Illusory Website | Pricing | Changelog | Roadmap Hey BHW Members! Meet Illusory - Premium USA 4G LTE Proxies Order Website: General ❓ Where are they located? Currently ― Los Angeles, CA area. Other locations are on our roadmap. ❓ What carrier networks do you have...
  15. M

    Help Me Determine Why I Got Follow Blocked with Jarvee

    Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. I'm testing out two Instagram accounts, both on which I have run Jarvee before, but not for a few months. Using 4G mobile proxies from, currently using both test Instagrams on the same proxy. One account got an action block ONLY from...
  16. ZakariaeJaidi

    Best Proxies For Instagram ?

    Hi there, What is the best ipv4 proxies to use with Instagram automation ? I've tried with there both services ipv4 and ipv6 and still get action blocked. Please help with any suggestion.
  17. W

    Should i use a VPS or run automation(Jarvee) locally?

    With Instagrams recent blocks on a lot of datacenter proxies i have decided i wanna keep 1 account on a "high-quality" residentail or 4G proxy. I searched online for the types and all i could find were proxies that cost over 100 USD monthly. Should i just buy a cheap laptop(or smartphone if...
  18. W

    Can a location be blocked on instagram for automation?

    I am really new to instagram automation. So i made the mistake of automating over 15 accounts with no proxies whatsoever. ofcourse learning the hard way, starting to get blocks over and over. So now ive changed my Ip adress, and decided to run only 1 account with automation on my residential ip...
  19. krAwl

    Insta Qs without the As

    Hi all, I've got a few questions I'm struggling to find answers for amongst all the pages and pages of useful info and journeys I have been reading at BHW. I figured I would post this thread and ask them and hopefully it will help myself and others with the answers. Instagram Proxies are hella...
  20. A

    Question about Instagram proxies..

    Hi, thanks for clicking on this thread. I have a question, if you use for example, 1 private dedicated proxy for Instagram, and you have 2 accounts run on it, then remove them from the proxy, and then run 1 (or 2 if possible) new account on it without the other 2. Is this safe? Do I risk my...