instagram jarvee

  1. ambassador_ofm

    SuSocial problem (temporarily blocked)

    Hello BHW I have already contacted susocial customer support, but the problem still persists, I would like to have your opinion for those who already use the software I only do follow on my instagram slave accounts, (between 4-5 follow per hour) for a few hours then let it rest overnight...
  2. Lennard Quince

    Instagram + Jarvee

    Hi, I want to start with automation again by using Jarvee for my Instagram accounts. I want to run max 3-5 accounts. I only wanna do Follow/Unfollow & send DM‘s to my new followers. Now, can someone give me some tips about whether I should use a proxy or not & if so which? Also what are the...
  3. Alle155

    What proxies are recommended for growing Instagram accounts?

    Hello blackhatworld, what proxies are recommended for jarvee growing instagram accounts? 4g proxies are to expensive but is there any other proxies that works as good?
  4. micleclark

    Jarvee Mass Story View Setting?

    Can you guys recommend me Jarvee mass story view & voting setting? Thanks
  5. IG Professor

    The COMPLETE Guide to gain your first 100,000 Followers on Instagram [UPDATED 2020]

    UPDATE - 2021 It's not worth it anymore to use tools like Jarvee to automate Instagram. There are better tools in the market right now. I am not going to shill them here but you should do your own research. #DYOR As some of you know I was selling the Instagram Money Machine eBook for some...
  6. artrogold

    New Decade, New Member! Searching for Social Media Mentor!

    Happy New Year Black Hat World! :D I'm excited to start the decade connected with such an extensive group of professionals. I'm searching for an individual Experienced with Mother/Slave and/or Repost Viral Content tactic for Instagram using Jarvee Automation Software. I've manually grown my...
  7. P

    My Instagram journey GOAL 4500$/MONTH

    Hey guys, my English is bad. So I am sorry for the wrong sentences. I thought it will be fun to track my journey there on BHW. I want to make money only from Instagram and my Goal is 4.5k$/M only profit! I have two methods of how I want achieve that. a) Instagram 1 = From fans page...
  8. SocialLord

    $$ HELP needed ASAP: I wanna buy your working Jarvee Settings $$

    Hello my fellow social Lords, I need help ASAP. (NEED IT IN 48-72HRS) I already use Jarvee with proxies to automate my socials. Yet still I'm being action blocked, suspended on Twitter. Please help with automation settings. I will reward the person who can help me out in chat and provide me...
  9. unknownsmmers

    How To Beat Instagram 2020 Purge

    Hello all, I am quite new to this type of community forum. (Please bare with me, while taking this post as SERIOUS as you can. You will see me in the future with better tips and replies as I figure things out) It has recently come to my attentive attention as a dominant smmer, the community...
  10. micleclark

    Reply to story after view, Account Banned!

    Hay guys, Have you guys ever experience like that "Reply to story after view", my account got banned :( I just reply some emoji like "❤️ | | " Are you guys use this feature in jarvee? Let me know guys or recommend me to use this feature SAFE setting.
  11. Iron Sheik

    Jarvee Issue: Published Posts Don't Appear

    Hey Jarvee and Instagram users, I have been experiencing issues with Jarvee's campaign posts for one of my accounts--when I publish the posts, they do not appear on my Instagram account. One of my accounts successfully published 3 posts from Jarvee, but the others posts I tried to publish...
  12. B

    PROBLEM to mention account in bio (and to make it clickable)

    Hi! I am fairly new to this forum even though I have already had a lot of help setting up all my accounts on Jarvee with all the tips that are on here in all the topics about Instagram. I have right now 50 accounts set up in Jarvee but the only problem is that I only use these accounts on the...
  13. MSC

    How to post hashtags to first comment in Jarvee

    Hey there, Just started using Jarvee. Is it possible to automate it to put the hashtags of your post into the first comment? If so, can someone explain where to find the setting? Thanks!
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