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Aug 6, 2019
Hello all, I am quite new to this type of community forum.

(Please bare with me, while taking this post as SERIOUS as you can. You will see me in the future with better tips and replies as I figure things out)

It has recently come to my attentive attention as a dominant smmer, the community is in terror - and I do not have the proper connections/options to fix it yet

(NO. This is not a pitch, and NO I am not telling you to spend any extra funds)

I am currently ranked a newbie because of the fact I just signed up to spread introverted, experienced knowledge, while I am on the front lines winning on instagram as of August 6th, 1am, 2019.

I can withstand a few wars, can you?

Can these other big smmers?

Where do ig come next, me?

Who loses next year, me without you helping?

No. Let me let you take this thought into consideration.

It's time to voice my opinion,

Hopefully you take the warning strongly, as this is free, organic, and changes instagram engagement ratio % across app with our power which in return , fixes broken ipv6/ipv4/other databases (including the currently spammed and failing: 3g, 4g, etc.)

(Well, if you stopped spamming them that may help too but holy moly we go this route)

this method will save SMM world wide, starting in North America and foreign countries, while you become a celebrity yourself using mother>child+community=method.

If you read these words, you already spend money. I'm NOT asking you to change where you spend money, I'm asking you to change HOW you spend money. This saves us ALL and we can go back to ipv6 cheap proxy

As this spreads around and you bump, please allow some reasonable time for it to raise engagement ratio % to save block/delete.

I am no scared of such type of risk to business as me business profit more being a master smmer

So here's the facts peeps:

A leak of

Internal document from instagram head quarters has revealed online.. (please excuse the fact newbie can not post link at this moment, below I will send in quotation " .. " where to search this information from a VIP member in blackhatworld website forums

Due to us all sharing 1 feature, despite our skill,professionalmillion dollar earner - or newbie making first 50 cents conversion... Our IP address subnets, this is one thing the online community is behind on fixing - enough inventory to supply demand is scarce (but I am going to leave that theory for another post thread), leading to abused IP

This internal instagram operative on behalf of smmers mentions between article 4-7, how instagram head quarters (along with WhatsApp, Facebook n others)

They do not ban IP, they Ban high risk subnets % avg. destroying full inventory of high risk accounts / individuals misusing instagram features for their own good.

Before your shitlist meter starts stinking up my bathroom, please also open a new tab and search this in "Blackhatworld" forums (this website of course)




Dear BHW admin, if this Blackhatworld link cannot be used just text to copy, please edit out this text between "•••" and "•••", thank you


blackhatworld /seo/network-purge-how-ig-purge-automation-users-nowadays.1129714/




Above link (if not edited / removed by admin, searchable info in below between """ xyz """ below) explains details above link. Further below you will see my solution to the market.

Subject/Title to search:


Posted by VIP JR. Member:

"""BrazilianBusinessman" (not me)


Here's some further details about the HQ supplier subnet issue:


1. If 10 people on subnet

2. If 7 people interact 1000 times weekly

3. If 3 people interact 100 times weekly

4. First 7 people flagged high risk, leading to blocks - PV - EV - then disable if frequency doesn't change

5. Second 3 may be flagged medium risk, varying on market engagement in that area

6. We can fix this


Before Botting there was a secret village of wise young people who became rich. These people, started #follow4follow on twitter. Although their success is exaggerated by me, we can take this to our full advantage to raise the average engagement % , if you check instagram they are heavily populated. With our influence, we can impact the app %


If we, as smmers, bring back #follow4follow on instagram, but to the masses - this increases the overall instagram average engagement per active account in the app , and trusted subnets!


If many NEW people who don't get deleted, engage 3500+ times per month

  1. Likes in hashtag

  2. Likes on profile

  3. Follows many new people hundreds at a time

  4. Etc

That becomes the new average

If you are highly connected and need more details about this plan please feel free to contact me

If you're just smart you will do it on your own

If you're a dummy like I used to be, it's okay because at the moment I'm a newbie and I'll be posting more tips regarding this process as instagram updates pass
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