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  1. roberteb

    ScrapeSocial - Advanced Instagram Scraper with AI - Bulk Engagement Rates, Segmentation by Age, Gender, Sex and Country

  2. T

    [STUDY] Evolution of Instagram Engagement in 2021

    Socialinsider just put together a complete study about Instagram engagement in which they analyzed 102,700,573 Instagram posts from a total of 62,895 business profiles. They discovered that: ➤ Instagram's engagement decreases in 2021 back to its initial values from 2019. ➤ Instagram carousels...
  3. Meerakat

    [Guide] Creating the most ENGAGING content on Instagram (Works with any topic / niche)

    Some information Is Instagram really dead? Do you think engagement in your niche is complete crap? If so, this guide will help you create the most engaging content on Instagram. One that can be turned into less competition, and can be monetized with any random product or offer. Let me give you...
  4. I

    Instagram drop engagement problems?

    Hello bhw community always nice to interact with u so today I want to know if u have my same problem so each time I buy Instagram page with very good engagement and only 1 month later my engagement becomes bad and go's down even if I like others pics and commenting them.... So what the problem...
  5. D

    Need advice on engagement groups?

    I am a travel blogger and have a travel account on Instagram and was wondering if doing shoutouts and being in engagement groups are still good to do or not. if they are still good than does anyone knows any travel accounts that will get more lots of followers from shoutouts. Also, does...
  6. D

    How much should be engagement percentage is good for Instagram influencers?

    I'm trying to promote few of my projects through Instagram influencers method but I'm struck at what the the percentage of engagement is good in terms bring engagement to my post?
  7. Saly Verona

    MMF-SMM.COM - Instagram Engagement SMM Panel | Dripfeed | Automatic Services | First-Line Provider❤️

    What kind of services do you offer? Here at we are focused on Instagram engagement-related services. What is the delivery speed? Usually, services start in 5-15 minutes later of the order received. In case of heavy system workload - orders go into a first-come, first-served...
  8. D

    Is my account shadowbanned or what?

    Hi, Yesterday I posted a photo on my travel account that has about 27k followers. The photo got reported on a account with 497k dollers and in less time got more likes about 7k , where as my photo on my account only got 350 in double the time . Why is my photos getting like no reach and likes...
  9. D

    Instagram engagement pods?

    I was just wondering if Instagram engagement pods and telegram ones are still good to us for very bad for your account.
  10. toninin

    [HQ]Instagram auto like/engagement, the likes/views/comments from your own followers!

    Welcome to, we will provide you 200-5k Instagram loyal followers, they will first follow you and like/comment/view your post/story daily on their feed page, like how most Instagram engagement comes!!! We have decided to only serve 30 customers, long-term cooperation...
  11. D

    Instagram help

    Hi all I am struggling to boost my engagement and don't know what to do to boost it I am getting about 40 to 60 followers a day and my following account is growing but my engagement is not anyone got any tips. Are my photos any good or need improving and what things should I show on my...
  12. swjedinight

    Getting Awesome Engagement... Few Followers - HELP!

    I have an account that I’ve had since 2016. I decided to resurrect the account. Here are It’s details Political niche 32k followers enagement rate: 10% to as high as 20% gaining around 30 followers a day and losing 20. Getting around 80% to 90% reach on accounts who don’t follow me. I have a...
  13. D

    Instagram engagement help

    m having problems trying to get my engagement up anyone got any tips and my account is @travelweekli
  14. D

    Need tips.on how to.boost Instagram engagement

    Hi, my engagement has dropped from a lot since 2018 same with everyone, but I am finding it very hard to boost my engagement. Anyone got any tips.on how I can bring my engagement up in 2020.
  15. I

    Remove ghost followers

    Hello I want to remove the ghost followers from my account (230k followers - Streetwear niche). I already created a list with all the people that liked my recent 105 posts. Now I want to remove the ghosts/bots/inactive followers with Jarvee. I have already put all of the likers on the...
  16. I

    Instagram Engagement Pod

    Looking for an automatic Instagram engagement pod (similar to Wolf Global's automatic likes). Please PM - thanks!
  17. K

    Engagement down in November

    Has anyone noticed a severe drop in engagement this month? I don't do any bitting and have 2 accounts in the travel niche and pet niche. The daily new followers number has been consistent as always but when it comes to the likes to posts then it goes downhill. Have you experienced something...
  18. HenryObi

    How Do You Revive A Page's Engagement?

    Notice my page likes drastically reduced. Posts don't get much reach and likes anymore. I recently got to 50k followers, ever since none of my posts go viral again neither do my followers get to see them. How Do You Fix This?
  19. I

    Is my account dead?

    Hello BHW members I'm running a Instagram Streetwear page since 2016. The page has 4600 posts and around 230k followers. But recently my Engagement has dropped to 0.19%. I don't know whats going on with my account. I've done F/U in the beginning of the account 2016-2017 but not recently. I've...
  20. G

    instagram powerlikes fashion niche or streetwear niche

    looking for powerlikes provider for fashion niche. please answer below or dm me if you can actually provide me with quality and help the reach of my client's posts