instagram ban

  1. keithdu45

    Ban VS Ads — Is Instagram more tolerant if you pay ads?

    Hi Is your Instagram account less likely to get suspended if you pay for ads? To put it in a different way, let's imagine: I'm the dirtiest Instagram user (automating like a pig everyday, spamming comments, getting warnings and action blocks, never posting hateful/violent/illegal content) but I...
  2. Movementking

    Instagram flag on me?

    Hi, i had a service which was following manually on my private instagram account for 2 months to test how good it works. everything went fine and we made about 2.5k followers in that time. after that, i unfortunately decided to unfollow the huge amount of followed people with jarvee. i could...
  3. beckham999

    Getting unbanned from Instagram for impersonating other person.

    Okay, so I've had this account for specific niche where, there were pictures of someone else. Username was fake "first and last name". After a yr, someone recognised said person (small U.S celebrity.. yeah dumb me) and reported & account got flagged and banned. For the appeal, instagram wants...
  4. TomV

    My page doesnt show up in hashtags

    Hey bhw, my ig page doesn't show up in hashtags and in the explore page... I tried to stop using hashtags for a long time, my account was for 1 month inactive now and it still doesn't show up. Is there a way to get around this? Or is my page just fucked up forever. Btw. I have 30k followers...
  5. fxmanaged

    Never seen this before! Blanket Shadowban ⚡

    This is a first time for me! Let me know if you guys have seen this before. We run a physical retail store in Miami and have 4 Instagram pages (the main corporate page where we post original products and 3 other pages where we curate viral content and give credit to the original pages behind...
  6. I

    Check if your IP is flagged by IG?

    Hello Is there a way to know/check/test if my home IP is flagged by IG? Or indicators? Thanks and stay healthy :)
  7. colaman

    Instagram Commenting Ban

    Hello! After last updates on Instagram it’s way too hard to post comments under peoples pictures... Month ago Instagram made update so i was unable to post one comment under hundreds of peoples pictures... After this update i changed comment after 7-10 pictures and now even changing the...
  8. G

    How do you know your instagram account is banned?

    what are the symptoms of a banned instagram account? Is that you can log in anymore, the account is gone? Or is it that your hashtags are blocked, your post almost don't get seen by your followers, new followers can't follow you or you don't appear in search engines? I was using masslooking and...
  9. Shabzy

    Marketing Pharmaceuticals on Facebook and Instagram. Banned on Instagram!

    Hello Guys, I am trying to find a way to market my pharmaceutical / steroid products on social media. I currently use facebook and instagram. I try to write informational posts with studies to back up my posts on instagram and post the same to FB. However, on three occasions my instagram...
  10. Sasuskey

    Insta Acc. Banned - Can't Appeal (Request Couldn't be Processed)

    So this is strange, my account with 21k followers and 4 years of history on Instagram was banned. So obviously I'm trying to appeal. It's for my business and I have the data to prove it. But here's what I get every time I try to send them an appeal. Note: Out of curiosity I tried sending an...
  11. silvalex

    Url Banned from Instagram

    We have a site that was infected with malware. The url got flagged by instagram and they will not allow it in the user profile or in any DM's. The site has since been cleaned. What can I do to get off their ban list?
  12. ThatBritishGuy

    Warming up account methods

    I see a lot of different opinions with the way people warm up their accounts. I was hoping to start a bit of a debate on peoples warm up methods. As far as how long do you leave the accounts after putting into the bot. How many followers and how much increase per day. Right now I leave them...
  13. bonito84

    LOST my account forever? business failed

    This morning I couldn't even log in on my account, I have en email from Instagram saying this basically: We’ve removed or disabled access to the following content you posted on Instagram because a third party reported that the content violates their trademark rights They provided me the email...
  14. I

    Banned From Top Posts

    I was shadow-banned over a month ago, after 2 weeks it was lifted but ever since, none of my pics appear in the "Top Posts" section regardless of the obscurity of the hashtag. My pics appear in the most recent but doesn't ever appear in the top posts. None of my hashtags are written in the...
  15. johnhustle007

    SOS! Where can I get working IG proxies or residential IP's

    Hey, So by now I know you all know Instagram been playing hard ball when it comes to proxies. They banning the accounts, follow blocks, like blocks... You name it. I tested a few different proxy companies same problem as everyone who's testing. Here's the kicker, I'm sure you all know. When...
  16. I

    Instagram Insta-banning my accounts

    I recently bought 5 private proxies from a seller here a few days ago. I created 1 account on 2 of the proxies, and the accounts looked fine. But yesterday, I wanted to make more accounts, and I planned on using a 1:1 ratio (1 account per proxy), I created gmail accounts for each instagram...
  17. D

    Can Instagram Ban my Private Account if I Use Bot on Different Account on Same Network?

    Hello, has anyone experienced or thought about this situation: I have a very well curated personal account on Instagram, which is solid and works well without any 'extra help'. I recently started to use an automation software on another account, which I access from the same network. Do you...
  18. tux

    [Method] Don't Buy domains ever again on IG+CPI

    So, i'm back with another guide to help fellow instagrammers. You guys may ask what's wrong with a free pre-lander like weebly or wix ? The cvr suffers a lot when using prelanders. you will atleast see a 5% cvr increase using direct linking. We are going to use amazon s3 to host landing pages...
  19. instagramheart

    Something happened with instagram.

    I tried to grow my instagram with follow / unfollow on May 2016. At the beginning I started following way to many people, so finally on July 2016 instagram deactivated my account. I didn't know what to do but I used a feature "my account was hacked" and somehow after a week I got my instagram...
  20. Rockstar007

    50+ accounts banned in one night!

    Last night my all accounts were working well and today in morning i noticed that more than 50 accounts are asking for PV and while verifying it, i don't receive any code. Am i the only one who got that much banned accounts? :(