1. M

    Instagram - Confirm It’s You To Log In

    So today I was just looking at a post on Instagram scrolling through the pics on it, until all of a sudden, an action block saying we try to restrict the activity that happens on Instagram type thing. Then a second later, the confirm it’s you to login pop up appears and I have to fill in a...
  2. Lanserek

    ✅Buy Aged Special Social Media Accounts (Youtube, Instagram...) ➡️ 24/7 Skype Support! ⬅️

    High Quality Special Aged Youtube Channels & Self Grown Instagram Accounts Buy Aged Channels Stacked With Subscribers, Uploads And Large Channel Views Insane promo for bhw forum users! Use BHW50 to get 50 % OFF at the checkout! Prices Instagram #1 Instagram 19,5 k Followers, 4 years old, 0...
  3. S

    Help help help

    good evening everyone, I have had a problem for several months, I had a debt with facebook, but having deleted my account I have not paid it anymore. I opened a new account, trying to sponsor my product but facebook doesn't start my sponsors !! can someone help me ?? i need an ADS account asap
  4. Eskanor

    Best free Instagram tool for pc

    Hi boys, I am looking for a free Instagram tool for posting in pc, can anyone suggest me something good? thanks in advance:)
  5. E


    I need free Instagram followers (Fake). Does anyone here have that option and want to help me? I will be very grateful.
  6. L

    Sponsored post on IG (5k - 15k followers)

    Hi guys, I want to buy a sponsored post in IG from people who have between 5k and 20k followers for example in France. Is there any tool which could help me in finding account like these? Regards.
  7. S

    Question about the number of IG accounts from one device + betting in IG

    Hello guys! 1. How many accounts I can register from one device without a ban? I'm not interested in mass like/following/stories views. I prefer organic growth. There is a limit: 1 telephone number (or email) for 5 accounts, but I will be using extra SIMcards. Can I create ~20-50 accounts for...
  8. C

    Why is facebook action blocking me for 24 hours, If my post did not break community standards?

    It is messed up that facebook is doing this, despite them making an error. I have tried sending them reports but nothing works. Why is this happening?
  9. Yrx

    How To Never Get Banned from Instagram?

    I create new account, I just follow and comment. I never post anything before get banned. Why Instagram???? Why????? Instagram Sucks!!!!
  10. D

    Instagram Automation

    Hi everyone and thank you for clicking on this thread. Let's begin. I want to grow my instagram account. I have Jarvee but i need proxy for the cheapest price since i have very low budget. What is the best strategy to grow? I have tested masspolls something like that and it seems like really...
  11. M

    Journey to 100.000 in Instagram

    Currently Follower: 33,403 Follow: 132 I don't use hastags in Turkey, hastags include ghost users and old people. I need young followers because I want to do affiliate marketing. Engagment: %19,23 6752 like per post
  12. ELG33ko

    Tool to find unfollowers + whitelists

    Hello the BH fam! Does anybody knows a tool/app (IOS or MAC would be better) that allows me to (on Instagram) : - find people who don't follow me - find people that don't follow me back - create white lists (so that i don't unfollow some people even if they don't follow back) - let me unfollow...
  13. S

    [instagram] looking for someone to grow my account

    Hello BHW Com, i'm looking for someone who can grow my instagram account, niche is hiking related. Feel free to pm me directly. Thanks and kind regards.
  14. X

    What are your successes with IG sponsored posts?

    Hi, I have a question. What are your successes in IG sponsored posts? How many new followers are you able to get per month? And what are your ranges? I collect information for my work. I will be grateful for your response. greetings
  15. A


    Hey all, I'm new here... I have a single instagram account with 8k followers in a niche market. I'm looking for steady growth in (mostly) real followers and engagement, and I want a small number of automatic likes on each new post. My biggest concern is to not lose my account or be banned, as...
  16. A

    Will this idea work ?

    recently i got an idea of making a new instagram account which promotes cheap fashion clothing and accessories like advertising for a product from ebay or amazon and putting affiliate links in the description , like just putting several photos for the product and put some good words on the...
  17. ChangeYourLife

    Leveraging on Instagram

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this topic has been talked about much on BHW, but I wanted to talk about how to leverage large accounts on Instagram. I have been botting for about a full year now, and currently run about 100 Insta accounts, with my biggest being a 130k luxury account. I originally...
  18. K

    want to join Dm groups

    Hey guys, I want to join some DM groups, I have a 13k wood niche account. Does anybody have a DM group they would like to put me in ?
  19. ELG33ko

    Instagram : Less actions, better target

    Hey guys, i've been reading things on BHW for a while now and it's time for my first question, but first of all, thank you all guys for all the great content and tips you are providing! As soon as i've interesting things to share i will for sure to give back for all i've received :D So my...
  20. S

    Mother/child expert needed

    I'm looking for an expert on the mother/child method for an Instagram in the lifestyle space. I'm interested to know quotes, expected followers to be gained/month, etc. Please be in touch and look forward to hearing from you.