1. J

    Mass story update

    Wanted to know what's better seen a bunch of different options online masslookingdotcom or masslookingdotnet? One is a script Terminal the other is cloud based
  2. DPkumar

    Instagram Sneakers Target Accounts.

    Hi BHW mwmbers... i know lots of BHW members are doing instagram marketing selling and Affiliate Programs. I want Target accounts for my Sneakers account. Yes I know i can search and use hashtag to search sneakers accounts. I have done that. But I want Local Brands from USA, UK, or any other...
  3. DPkumar

    Instagram Followers track.

    Hey Guys i want to know which is good website which allow me to track My instagram Followers on daily Basis (Followers Increase Rate)... I have more then 1500 accounts... and i am managing them Manually so its hard to track every accounts followers. So any Suggestion?
  4. Dolmaa

    How to pick the right marketer

    I have a fairly new insta page that has a small following and I currently have a marketer that I hired off upwork to grow it since i work 12hr shifts during the day and do not have the time/energy. With that being said even though he seems to have a solid plan (at least in my uneducated...
  5. H

    i want to Buy instagram accounts with real followers .

    Hi i am looking for instagram accounts for sale $10-40 per account but must be real followers and be in the following niche . Online business Travel fitness health sports clothing memes PM me if you have any of those .
  6. ZakariaeJaidi

    Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limit

    Hey guys, Any ideas of the new Instagram limits with bot that use an embedded browse. Yesterday i did 72 follow in a day and got an action blocked with the setup of 8 follow per hour. Anybody do better than 72/Day , share with us your statistics. Thank you.
  7. summi

    Any one selling Shop enable instagram account ?Followers doesn't matter?

    Any one selling shop enable instagram account ?Followers doesn't matter only condition need to have shop enable on page Thanks
  8. N

    Create 4g proxy

    Hey help me pls to create my own 4g proxy :)
  9. D

    I need mother/slave method for me

    Hi, I have hired someone to do the mother/slave method for me but since the June update on Instagram they have had problems with the slave accounts. I need someone to help me. if you offer this service than DM me. My account is a personal one in the travel nitche.
  10. jsalima

    Fast way to unfollow

    Hi guys, I have recently been trying to grow my IG accounts thanks to @IGKing 's pdf guide. Is there a new working way to 1st see who is not following me back and 2nd unfollow them after the recommended 2-3 days? I am looking for a fast effective way to do this, however, I don't even know how...
  11. A

    what is the best way to grow your Instagram without a bot?

    Hi guys, I want to know what is the best way to increase my followers fast and organically without having a bot, cause I heard there might be some problems with that and I don't want anything happen to my account, I have around 1000 followers but likes are much less, I have a fashion-related...
  12. Jonnn

    TRUMP 2020

    quick little tip for my fellow BHW JUMP on the political niche its great $$$ eCommerce especially with the elections around the corner doesn't matter what side you are either makes money
  13. S

    how to make many instagram accounts ?

    hello everyone, actually I was trying to promote offers with instagram marketing but was not able to make much account. please help !
  14. A

    Profit Instagram???

    Hello. I was in reading mode for a long time and did not particularly enter into conversations on this forum. Guys, I have a regular income now on dating for adults + instagram. It is about XX-XXX per day. But the conversion rate falls every day. I can extract traffic from this network...
  15. samron77

    Instagram Shadowban

    Hello BHW !! Does anyone know how to lift Ig shadowban? Usually, my shadowban use to lift up in 15 days after some report but this time my IG got disabled and when I got it back ( I paid a guy who brought my IG page back) it is still in shadowban since last 45+ days. Can anyone suggest...
  16. M

    setting up bot massplaner/jarvee to auto DM, how?

    Hi guy, how to set up massplaner or jarvee to send DM when someone comments a specific keyword?
  17. Shropdog

    Newbie question - are there any automated social signal generation tools

    So having spent time working on the site on page etc seo, building social media profiles, generating content and sharing, guest posting etc i think i now need to really boost my brand to look like an authority by generating some strong social signals. What tools are there out there (apart...
  18. L

    Not shadowbanned but engagement down

    A little over view. I have an old account (6-7years) I used follower liker and about 6 month ago I switched to Jarvee. I follow/unfollow about 700-850 per day, never get blocked/banned. Sometime I get banned for liking post but it recovers in a day or two. Recently I’m having a problem with...
  19. Lord surh

    Account hacked with two-factor auth

    I recently had two-factor authentication put on this account and someone still accessed it without receiving a code. How is this possible? This is the second time this is happening in just a week, the first I was able to get the account back by clicking the "Secure my Account" button, then...
  20. G

    Google Search Ads Help

    Hello BHW, I am facing issue in my google search ad campaign setup. Once I had created the ad and posted for my website it's been going to disprove my ads multiple times. Actually, My website is Instagram likes service providing and I want to run ad for powerlikes search term. I have checked...