1. balaklava

    Need IG accounts scraped in volume

    Hi - Looking for someone who can scrape a high volume of Instagram accounts for our agency. Volume will range from several thousand to up to 1m+. We just need the usernames of the followers from the target accounts collected. Thanks!
  2. A

    Meta Threads in Europe

    Hi all, is there any way how I can use the new app from Meta "Threads" in Europe? Its not available in the appstore, not even if I use VPN. Regards
  3. B

    Need someone to help me verify my instagram

    I'm an individual and I have around 1200 instagram followers. majority of them are fake followers from about 2 years ago. looking for someone to help me verify my instagram account. thanks!
  4. D

    Could someone please recommend a powerlikes service?

    Hi guys, I tried everything to grow my IG account- used services like Growthoid, Kicksta, Followfox and Ascend viral - I did get 10k of followers at the end but the engagement is really bad and I don’t know why as a lot of ppl told me my content is really cool- I’m a fashion designer. Recently...
  5. D

    Hey guys, I’m new here.

    The reason why I created a BHW account is because I want to learn how to create a strategy on IG and to grow organically. Hit me up if you want to have a chat about it. Thanks
  6. B

    Be Famous ! Instagram Tiktok Facebook High Quality Followers Accept Paypal Visa Mastercard

  7. B

    since 2016

    since 2016 i was interesting about social media management accounts , and its was my goal to manage big social media accounts from different customers i started to offer my services on many platforms, to be clear it's was difficult to find what i'm looking for because of their policy , in 2020...
  8. besard_thaci

    You can't run ads / Instagram

    I do not understand why You Can't Run Ads on Instagram. I have not broken any law for Instagram to block my advertising. I connected it with facebook and then I tried to promote from facebook ads and as soon as I put the bank card, fb made me Restricted accounts directly. The card has just been...
  9. M

    Advice on Instagram Growth

    Hi everybody, I am a language teacher and want to grow my instagram account. My service and expertise are at the very top in the field some people with now 2 million follwers used to be my student but I myself have only 2k followers. My question is whether I should go through mother child...
  10. H

    200 Free Instagram Likes For 200 BHW users

    Hello Folks, You Guys Ready to Free Instagram Likes ? To Participate Your Profiles Must be Pubic (Likes will Not Deliver on Private Profiles) *Comment Interested* #Send Your any Post Link On which You Want Likes #You can Send the Link on the This Tread or DM and send Personally its Upto...
  11. D

    Set is_dash_eligible to true

    So I am using to get the data. However the is_dash_eligible seems to only be true when I am logged in. Anyway to set it to true when I am not logged in?
  12. Sushant Pawar

    What Is "Quality Content" For You?

    When it comes to Instagram I always heard that quality content matters. So what is quality content for you?
  13. Sushant Pawar

    What should I share in stories?

    I am out of ideas, can you please share what should I share in Instagram stories. I am into a health niche. Thank you!
  14. micleclark

    Anyone Use Rotating Proxy for Instagram?

    Hay Guys, Have anyone using rotating proxy for instagram? Please share your experience here. Thanks
  15. I

    No one can do this!!! Gmail

    Hello BHW How are you?? I hope all of you are doing fine. 3 years before I forgot my gmail account password. Until today I cant open it . Anyone can help please?? I have alot of uni information and memories, pics etc... The account is linked with two phone numbers that I have. Although I put...
  16. internetnerd

    I cannot send likes to a specific Instagram account

    I am not able to send likes to this guy's IG account. All my orders are getting canceled or stuck. And when I try to send like to other posts they get delivered without problem. This is the first time that smth like this happened to me. Cam anyone explain what is going on? Thanks
  17. ChrisMonkey

    Porn Marketing Specialist

    I am seeking a digital marketing expert that specializes in porn and fully understands and has experience with using Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and porntubes. Both White Hat and Black Hat. This can become a long term or even full time project, but will begin with a few tests or individual...
  18. A

    Instagram Story Viewer for Verified account?

    Hey! Guys, I've recently read here that the mass story viewer bot is only safe if you have a verified account, why is that? Is it true? I do have a verified account, can somebody tell me why is everybody saying that is safe? Which tool is the most reliable? and how much growth can you expect...
  19. M

    My Journey to 1M$

    HI I have started a new journey. Ok, I will start everything from beginning. My name is Amine , i'm from Algeria , and i'm 18 yo . yesterday i started new website and my target is 1M$ (i know it will take some time may be more than 1 year but i hope i can make 20k before the end of 2020. So...
  20. C

    I freaked out and attempted to log into someone else's account. What do they know?

    I did some embarrassing stuff and sent some dumb messages to an ex. She has a second private Instagram account where she posts text messages with people or just generally ‘funny’ personal stuff with her friends. I’ve seen the account but I don’t follow it. I freaked out and thought she would...
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