1. S

    how to build accounts for musicians

    Trying to build accounts that relate around some music clients. The one I am working on right now has a decent fan base songs with 10 million plus plays on Spotify and on IG 25k plus is verified but usually only does around 500-700 likes on average, seems very low. They did use some bots early...
  2. M

    I'm a Newbie.. want to Instagram method

    hey Everyone!! i think you are doing great. Actually im a very new worker in online earning . i very interested to earn somethings from online. i spend few weeks in BLACKHATWORLD to research and get idea about online earning. now i deiced i will work on CPA marketing in Instagram. Im request...
  3. Salahedka

    instagram accounts creation

    hello guys, I want advice , What's the best way to create like 50 IG acc 1- Buy them 2- buy bulk of and create them with Igramtool
  4. arkamohi

    How to maximize followback ratio ?

    let's help eachothers guys, if anyone knows a tip of that comment below, i'm gonna start : i use some sorta of clickbait in bio and put account private to the visitor get curious and ended up following me to see my content

    [IG+CPA+Adult Journey] Getting to 20$/day in 2 month

    hello everyone: I have a new plan in 2019: IG+CPA+Adult Journey. and then, i will public my journey experience here, and shared with friends, any about question, we can talk together, for the funny journey. Previously: in the past 3 years, my work is create instagram acct and follow、like the...
  6. arkamohi

    Can you scrape followers emails with jarvee?

    Can jarvee do that ?
  7. arkamohi

    When is shopify + instagram profitable?

    Hi guys does anyone knows when can u start gettings sells with instagram ? how many accounts and how much followers
  8. F

    help! APIBLOCK Jarvee account

    my first time using jarvee for my IG account, when I tried to add the account I got a message: "Your account has been blocked from using the API. The account is still allowed to do actions in the embedded browser." Any help please?
  9. A

    Jarvee and new IG Account

    Hi! I created a new IG account for personal purposes and want to use an automated tool like Jarvee. As I'm already using it for LinkedIn and Twitter without problem for a week. Is that still safe (with low settings) or IG can now detect Jarvee? Other Bot or Growth method suggestions...
  10. arkamohi

    How would YOU monetize 'Anime' Instagram Accounts?

    Hi guys i have some anime accounts with an average 10k followers and growing 250-350 per day, any idea on how do i monetize the accounts? ps : accounts are anime memes based acounts thank you
  11. E

    I want to get a username in instagram

    xxxxx a five-character name my surname how do we get who helps me.
  12. N

    IG Private Account Followers

    So i've tried my fair few IG Bots, saying that for a project I need my account to say private but i need to know how many total requested people there is. With IG if your account is on private what happens is once you get 1000 total requests, after that you will just see 1000+, so lets say you...
  13. joyce bernier

    Can I still promote the adult offer on IG?

    Can I still promote the adult offer on IG?
  14. 9

    Instagram account recovery?

    My 250K model page was deleted for sexual community guidelines..I NEVER posted was 3 years old...I never botted, only SFS...I do not have access to the email address I signed up with but it was verified with a accessible email address and phone number. Ive appealed a lot trying to...
  15. themrhassan12

    pleasee help guys about instagram followers

    please guys any one buy instagram followers instantly i have 4 orders in my freelance works and i use this two website : but their support is very slow to respond and i order instagram followers and i'm waiting more than 1 day and some hours and the order In progress...
  16. M

    My Instagram journey to 50$ per day

    Hi BHW. English is my 3rd language Maybe it's not good. I am 22 years old, I didn't study master because I want to focus on IM, I've been reading and learning about IG for a long time and I think it's time to take work. The tools & accounts: Bot: I think I will use GMT 2 or Gramdominator...
  17. KORO22

    How to buy stories on Instagram?

    What is the best way to search for bloggers from the USA and buy stories on Instagram?
  18. PeppeRic

    Is follow unfollow ever going to stop on Instagram?

    It's getting out of hand. Every morning I wake up to 15-20 new followers with a huge smile on my face thinking that my hard work is paying off. But a day or two passes by and my followers starts to drop. Don't you think Instagram should take some serious action to stop that s..t?
  19. jenyap

    Instagram places on the 1 page of google

    why they come up the directories like yelp, Facebook, Instagram etc and how to outrank them? They coming up for low comp local keywords in the small area of the city, How to rank Instagram place of local business to the first page?
  20. S

    follow back ratio vs quality of accounts following you?

    I see lots of people concerned with follow back ratio but what does this matter if they are trash accounts following you back? (Unless you are just growing them to sell them) I have noticed I get higher follow back ratios when targeting larger accounts but when I actually look at the account...