1. barnaba1984

    How to get lnstagram location links on desktop?

    Can anyone help me on how to find the location urls in the following format on desktop version of Instagram. Thank you.
  2. N


    With real 500+ friends, female profile from Australia. Please message me. New here. Thanks :) Also can anyone point me in the direction of Instagram verification? I already have 70k real followers but can’t get verified. Thanks x
  3. blackdeviil

    How to sell Instagram accounts?

    I have a girl's Instagram account since 2019. There are 1,255 followers and 50 Posts, and the Niche is Travel. I'm just trying to sell that profile somewhere. But I don't know where and How to sell it. So I need some advice from you guys Thank you
  4. peppermint971

    I made a IG bot: questions about multiple accounts

    Hello! I created an IG bot to comment posts. The software works very well, and this is what i tested: Single phone number, i created 4 accounts; The bot logs in each time with a different account; Each account write a comment, then logs out. Now it's time to scale: i want to use a lot of...
  5. yman009

    Moneytise for betta fish niche

    How to moneytize instagram with betta fish niche. I meant any way except sell paid promote
  6. V

    Instagram Verification Loop - I think I did everything - please help!

    Hey there, since Sunday i am facing the instagram verification loop. I did everything i read in the web (vpn, older IG versions). My IG is linked to my Facebook Acc. Facebook works normal. If i want to reset my PW - IG sends the Link to other Mail adress but its hidden with **** (but its not...
  7. G

    login issue

    Hey everyone, just my first time on this forum :) Does somebody know this issue? I'm trying to log in to my account without success. I tried to restore pass but I got a wrong link that sends me to Instagram website on safari browser... somebody knows about that issue?
  8. vishal dharmadhikari

    Giving away 1000 ig followers to 1st 10 replies

    Only one condition: you should have more than 200 message. ps- the account should be open. DM me your Ig username. Giving away because it was a good day for me today PPS- delete if not allowed.
  9. W

    Does anyone know any good schedulers?

    Do you guys know any good schedulers for instagram?
  10. rksama

    Auto DM To HashTag

    Hey! I want to do a specific task. Whenever there is a new post added to a specific hashtag(Eg. #IG). I want to DM that account for a specific message. So, Do you think JARVEE is good for this task or you have any other bot in mind? Please Suggest.
  11. A

    new instagram account vs old one

    i have an old instagram account (2016) , it's a personal account and i want to switch it to niche account is it worth? or i just create an new account
  12. E-marketingarabia

    I have a problem with Instagram I have been banned from following, commenting...

    Hello I have a problem with Instagram. I have been banned from following, liking and commenting I think the reason is I was quickly canceling the follow some followers.. Now two weeks have passed and the ban has not been canceled yet and I have contacted them from * report a problrm * but no...
  13. Nedronproo

    Instagram + cpa

    First sorry for my englich guys Hey i have an Instagram account with 25k followers is a fake girl account i get about 300 like per post and i want to know haw i can make some money with cpa any one chare with me a methoud i will be very happy because i never make any cent from internet Thanks...
  14. K

    How to setup many instagram accounts

    I have being reading many post here about people setting up many instagram account. I want to learn how to setup and manage 20 instagram account, grow the followers and engagement and turn it to business. Please help on how to achieve this is needed.
  15. Azzez

    Looking for social growth with bots

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to grow Instagram and Twitter accounts using Massplanner or some other bot software. Can anyone here help? thanks
  16. Y

    Need help to prevent ban my instgram accounts

    I have two accounts need to know how to prevent ban when make follow and sending messages??
  17. M

    Instagram growth

    Hello... It's someone here who grow acc? I wan't to grow my personal page, and if it's someone here who do that, please contact me. Real and active followers Target: USA AND EUROPE Niche:FASHION/FITNESS Thank you!
  18. May Rox

    New Osint tool website??

    Hi! I've been using Inteltechniques for years but sadly its been shut down. Anyone know of another website for searching? THanks in advance :)
  19. Balaurul23

    Insta Porn

    Hey guys I want to try something common on instagram, but I can't do this until I agree with the next thing: To buy ready made instagram accounts or create them after i buy proxy addresses?
  20. V

    Instagram mentions/comments PAID

    Hello, I need someone that can provide a Instagram mentions and custom comments. I’d rather not use panels because I hate the accounts they use for the mansions. I like to work with private sellers when possible and I’ll buying wayyyyy more than you think. Please MESSAGE me if interested and...