1. channamoney

    How to sell instagram Marketing gig in fiverr?

    I see lot of people sell instagram marketing gigs in fiverr. Any one know how to process this work. I heard from this sellers they increase 100-500 followers in one month promotion. Also, they said all followers are real.
  2. jongmr

    Instagram auto like

    Hey I’m using Instagram engagement groups for my Instagram page and that’s means for every round of engaging I should like around 500 posts in 2 hours to receive the likes to my post. I don’t have time to like 500 posts for each round of engaging I’m looking for bot to like the list I should...
  3. D

    Best site for reselling

    Hello , I want to know a site which you have been using personally for reselling instagram services ? Please recommend me what have you used And it would be a bonus If services are arab followers and comments and so on And it would be nice if the services is really really cheap like most of...
  4. D

    Instagram growth strategy I

    Hi, I am a travel blogger with a account of 23.4k followers on Instagram and since all the new Instagram updates, my account is is only getting 20 followers a day. Has anyone found a method that is effective and won't get your account banned. I don't want to use mother/salve method as it is...
  5. armandotxz

    Where to order 20k Twitter Follower

    Hey Recently SMM Panels are delivering Twitter followers slow af. Like I ordered in a panel yesterday and they delivered lower than 100 in a day I want 1k-2k per day, if you know anybody who can deliver this fast let me know in the comments thanks
  6. samron77


    Hey BHW.! So for this method, you have to find sites that are offering free followers trial. Some will ask username only and some will ask both username and email for verification but we can bypass that using fake temp email Followers will be sent within 10 sec to 30 sec (or mentioned on site)...
  7. S

    See accounts that follow you and liked your last photo

    looking for a simple and free way to scrape users who liked my last photo that also follow me. Anyone have an easy way to do this?
  8. M

    WANTED: Aged female Instagram & Facebook accounts.

    Hi guys, I am looking for a big number of aged female Instagram & Facebook Accounts. We will use them to acquire influencers, so it's important that these accounts look&feel 100% real. Moreover, they must - have at least 500 followers - a lot of photos of this person on the profile - likes...
  9. oshan

    can't add call to action links on stories on business account!

    so i have two business instagram accounts one for my i use for my business and the other is my personal account so both has about 1100 followers but in my personal account it gives me the option to share links but in my business account it doesnt i dont know how i got that option in my personal...
  10. Adilpro

    The warm up before starting the journey

    Hi guys I saw a lot of posts here on BHW about instgaram growing and earning hacks. so I tested a lot of tools such as; VPS , JARVEE BOT, PROXIES, 4G+mobile to create accounts... in order to learn what to use in my plan and what limits to respect to do not get bans and block on instagram...
  11. wikimaldives

    Genuine IG followers

    How to get millions of followers within a few months?
  12. sumithykkts

    [help] instagram+ogads

    Hello Everyone, Please share money making mothod instagram+ogads thank you all
  13. D

    Ii need some Instagram hashtag help

    I have a travel account where I showcase my own travel photos. I have tried doing 25 hastags in a post and also 15 and picked ones from 5k to 600k and my impressions for the hastags on my photos is from 5 to 300. How do improve my impressions for my hastags on Instagram and does anyone have a...
  14. P

    How to Write good captions...!

    I am not too great at writing captions. Is there a tool or something which can assist in writing or give ideas and inspirations?! CONSIDER MEME WRITING ASD WELL Any advise and suggestions are welcome!
  15. Shropdog

    What are the most powerful social signals and platforms in terms of seo

    With g+ gone, im now wondering what social signals and platforms get the most seo values. So what are the top platforms to target? Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, Twitter, tumblr, stumpleupon etc And what signals give the most value? Fb follows, shares, insta likes or views, twitter...
  16. R

    Instagram explore

    I want an effective and experienced method to get my publications to the eXplorer in Instagram
  17. Zevida'sjewelry

    How to post in 150 ins accounts safely?

    Hi, I am running 150 ins accounts by jarvee now, but my accounts dont have any post right now. I wanna know is that safe if I use jarvee to post same photos in 150 ins accounts? Or should I post them in browser or mobile phone one by one? Its will cost huge time. Also I wanna know how many DM...
  18. lazareski

    Developing an Instagram tool - need some advice

    Hellooo guys and gals, As the title says i am currently developing an Instagram tool to help with managing accounts and i need some help. This tool will mostly be deep and detailed analytics of you account/post/followers etc. and your competitions. With some features for scheduling posts and...
  19. S

    Buying PVA accounts vs making accounts on bot proxy

    wondering what best practice is for making new accounts. 1) buy pva accounts 2) buy gmail accounts and create new accounts with proxy you are going to use to bot them 3) tell me your better method
  20. S

    Will automation ever die?

    Do you think instagram automation will ever die?