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  1. F

    Someone to Indexing 6 billions pages (Auto-Generated Content) on Google

    I need someone who knows how to index 6 million pages created automatically from a website with phone numbers. The sitemaps are sent to Google Search Console and there are 156k indexed pages, but I can't index more. I tried with but it doesn't work so I need another method...
  2. Mubasshir Rahman

    Posts are indexing then deindexing after few days

    Hello there, This is my very first post on BHW. This community is far very helpful. Recently I started a blog. I target Low KD high Search volume. I havent done any backlinks. After each post it is ranking in 1st page or so on. But after few days posts are deindexing. I also approved google...
  3. M

    Looking for indexing method for bulk location page local site

    I'm looking for indexing method which is working for bulk location pages for local lead gen sites I'm looking at many sites which has been doing great indexing same content pages just having different locations I have tried : omega indexer youtube description url method...
  4. adebby804

    Does anyone know how to get a website indexed quickly?

    Hi friends, my name is debby I have a problem with my domain which is very difficult for Google to index. can friends give input on the most appropriate way so that my website can be indexed by google more easily? Thank you for your help Debby Diana
  5. simonstuart

    Indexing local landing page

    Looking for best indexing services for my different - different sites. We have a 500000+ local landing pages so please guide.
  6. P

    Fast Indexing of Web Pages (Works for Moneysite)

    I don't know if Most SEO's are practicing to get their blog indexed faster, but this worked for me so I am sharing this and I hope it will help. Note: Earlier, A lot of my content struggled in indexation, and it used to take 2-3 days to get indexed, sometimes 7 days. For some time i used to...
  7. wladex

    Google Ads let my "illegal" ad run, how long ?

    Hi Black hat guys :) i made ad for my CBD/hemp company and its alive 1 week. I pay for clicks everyday with debit card. I used different cbd/hemp terms including "cbd" on all keywords and AD text (Not English) tried few times "cbd oil" disapproved instantly and got message not to try again...
  8. G

    Does g00gle index translated content?

    as the title says, does big G index translated content? lets say you scrape content and then translate it and make it readable . so can it be indexed ? and can it rank for that language's keyword?
  9. B

    [HIRE] Get pages indexed to google

    We currently have 100,000+ URLs submitted to Google, but Google has only indexed 200+ URLs. We would like to significantly increase the number of URLs indexed. The urls are from directory sites. To be considered candidates should provide past work samples. In addition, the bid proposal should...
  10. B

    [Help] How can I index my business directory site?

    Google is only indexing a few hundred pages, but the site has almost 300,000 pages. Until a few weeks ago, I was able to index all these pages without a problem via sitemap submission.... Now it's not working anymore and most of the indexed pages disappeared.... Leaving me with a few hundred...
  11. J

    Backlinks Indexer.

    Hello All, Can someone suggest a good backlinks indexing service ? Appears, my current indexing service is a dud. Thanks.
  12. NobelNerd

    Get 800k Pages indexed within a week

    I have client with specific demand to get 800k pages of website should get indexed within a week doesn't care about white hat or black hat? Any suggestions what can I do to get that done? Any bot or code which I could use?
  13. W

    Google Crawl Errors

    When I go to my google webmaster account, I have about 600,000 submitted pages with only 200 showing as indexed and when I do a google search of my indexed pages the SERPS i get are around 238,000 pages. With that said I am one confused puppy as to what numbers to run with and also why are all...
  14. A

    Help Needed - Indexing Massive Site - 450,000 pages of content

    Hey there, I have created a dynamic yellow pages - business directory portal with over 450,000 pages and business listings of content. I have submitted xml sitemaps to google webmaster tools a few weeks ago. Still, only 11000 pages are indexed till now. Anything I can do to help accelerate...
  15. H

    [FREE] Indexing your site!

  16. snowflys

    Indexing For Websites

    Will accept 10 websites for indexing using a system that always works. Interior pages works fine too. Keyword can be added to link and then the link will show the keyword. 68 total links are currently in our system and generally up to about 3, (normally only 1) might be rejected. Takes affect in...
  17. giveitlegs

    Am I in the Sandbox, or am I banned?

    Hi all! I'm normally a purist Twitter marketer, but recently got into the Blackhat link building, so if my questions sounds dumb, please forgive me! I recently (within the last ten days) popped up this domain: hxxp:// ...with the intention of grabbing the 90-100...
  18. suyvv

    Does google only index homepage of a new site?

    Hi everyone, I've made 10+ pages on my new website, I have built 4 backlinks to my homepage url yesterday, and my website homepage got indexed a few hours later, but the other pages hasn't got indexed yet, is this normal? Does google only index the homepage at first and it will index the other...
  19. T

    **[ Downloading some Clickbank (and other affiliate) products for FREE!! ]**

    BlackHatWorld, I've been a reader for a long time, but have only recently joined. I really enjoy this community, so thank you to all the blackhatters out there that are helping me make money - Keep the ideas coming! This is my first thread here, so go easy on me (LOL). If you like what I got...
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